• Golden Boy receives a new costume and an exciting job offer in a clip from the Boys spinoff show Gen V.
  • Gen V explores the world of young superheroes at Godolkin University, while The Boys focuses on adult heroes.
  • Golden Boy, played by Patrick Schwarzenegger, gets a sneak peek at his superhero suit and receives a promising tip about his future.

In a new exclusive clip from Prime Video's Gen V, Golden Boy gets a shiny new costume and a very exciting job offer. Gen V, which premieres this week, is a spinoff of The Boys and further explores the twisted world set up by the superhero satire. Whereas The Boys focuses on the grown-up heroes of Vought International, the new show introduces a slew of young up-and-coming supes attending Godolkin University.

In a new Gen V clip shared exclusively to Screen Rant, pyrokinetic hero Golden Boy (Patrick Schwarzenegger) gets a sneak peek at his very own superhero suit, shared with him by Professor Brink (Clancy Brown). If that wasn't enough, he also gets a very enticing tip about what his future entails. Check it out below:

Not only does Golden Boy get to see a mockup of his new costume, but he's informed that he has earned a spot in The Seven, Vought's premier superhero team. While this is clearly what he's been working towards, it looks like Golden Boy has some reservations about Brink's news.

What The Clip Reveals About Gen V & The Boys Season 4

Homelander and Golden Boy in Gen V

Golden Boy's new suit and an offer to join the Seven shows how Godolkin University is focused on creating loyal superheroes for Vought. The university's primary focus is not on helping supes master their abilities, but in gradually shaping and controlling the individuals who Vought will profit from for years to come. The students in Gen V are the first generation to know their abilities come from being injected with Compound V at a young age, giving Golden Boy and the rest a new perspective of how manufactured their lives have already been thanks to Vought.

As for The Boys season 4, the clip teases that the Seven is missing several members. Professor Brink asks Golden Boy whether he wants Starlight or Queen Maeve's apartment. In season 3, Starlight quit the Seven, and Maeve is believed to have died while stopping Soldier Boy. Maeve survived the confrontation but is letting the world believe she died to escape Homelander and Vought and to live her life. While Golden Boy is poised to join Homelander, the Deep, and A-Train as a new member of the Seven, other new members need to be added as well for The Boys season 4.

Golden Boy may be all smiles while looking at Professor Brink, but the troubled look in his eyes when looking at the suit prototype and as he and Brink embrace at the end of the clip hints that he may not fully share his mentor's enthusiasm. Given Vought's nefarious activities and their close connection to Godolkin University, Golden Boy may be aware that joining the Seven won't be the happy ending it's supposed to be. Whether it's general corruption or something more specific, there is already more than meets the eye to Golden Boy's Gen V story.

Gen V releases new episodes Fridays on Prime Video.