Gen V (2023)

A spin-off of The Boys, Gen V is based on a story arc from the original comic series set in the TV series universe. Gen V follows a group of college students starting at a Vought International-created school for superheroes, where students compete in increasingly dangerous challenges to win a hero contract in the highest-paying and most coveted city locations. This happens as these young adults try to understand their powers as they grow up and figure out where they fit into society.

Gen V Poster
Gen V

Lizzie Broadway, Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa Germann, Shelley Conn, Patrick Schwarzenegger
Release Date
September 29, 2023
Streaming Sevice
Prime Video
The Boys
Craig Rosenberg
Main Genre


Gen V Golden Boy clip 1
Gen V Clip Reveals Golden Boy's Suit - And Huge Job Offer [EXCLUSIVE]

In an exclusive Gen V clip, Godolkin University's star student Golden Boy gets a peek at his new superhero costume - and a surprising job offer.

Patrick Schwarzenegger as Golden Boy in Gen V 1
Is Gen V's Golden Boy In The Original Boys Comics?

Golden Boy is one of the primary supes in Gen Z, but is he a part of the original The Boys comic books' lore or an original live-action character?

Chance Perdomo from Gen V with a Rotten Tomatoes Logo 1
The Boys Spinoff Gen V Earns Highest Rotten Tomatoes Score Of Entire Franchise

Gen V, the upcoming Prime Video spinoff of the irreverent superhero comedy The Boys, earns the highest Rotten Tomatoes score of the franchise.

gen v season 1 1
The Boys Spinoff Reviews Are In: Is Gen V A Worthwhile Expansion Of The Universe?

Gen V reviews have been released ahead of its release date, revealing if The Boys spinoff show is a worthwhile expansion of the universe.

The Boys Gen V season 1 1
Gen V Review: The Boys Spin-off Is Wild, Entertaining & Leaves You Wanting More

Gen V is very entertaining. Though some of the comic book aspects won’t wow you, the story is engaging enough to keep you ready and waiting for more.

Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy in The Boys with Hughie 1
Gen V: Jensen Ackles Returns As Soldier Boy In The Boys Spinoff Image

Gen V finally reveals the return of Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy, previewing The Boys spinoff which premieres September 29 on Prime Video.

the-boys-season-4-stan-edgar-return-gen-v 1
The Boys (2019)
Why Stan Edgar Must Return In The Boys Season 4 (& There's A Way To Bring Him Back)

Stan Edgar, former Vought CEO, could return in The Boys Season 4 forming new alliances and potential revenge plans to take back his power.

Clancy Brown as Brink speaking in a Godolkin University orientation video 1
Gen V Orientation Video Teases New Setting For The Boys Spinoff

A new Gen V video provides an orientation for Godolkin University, teasing many details about the new setting for The Boys spinoff series.

The Boys Gen V 1
The Boys (2019)
Future The Boys Spinoffs Chances Addressed By Amazon Exec Ahead of Gen V's Release

Amazon executive Vernon Sanders addresses the chances of future spinoffs for The Boys ahead of the release of the first live-action one, Gen V.

Homelander using his laser eye in The Boys 1
The Boys (2019)
The Boys Season 4 Will Be Set Up In Gen V Spinoff, Star Teases "A Lot Of Information"

The Boys star Claudia Doumit, who plays congresswoman Victoria Neuman reveals that Gen V sets up a lot of events for the forthcoming season.

Emma Meyer covered in blood in Gen V 1
"How Do You Get The Blood Off?" The Boys Spinoff Star Reveals Jack Quaid's Trick For Gory VFX

Gen V's Lizze Broadway reveals The Boys star Jack Quaid's secret trick for getting the fake blood off after filming the ultra-gory show.

Split Image of image from Gen V trailer and The Boys promo shot 1
Gen V: Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know About The Boys Spinoff

Gen V is arriving on Prime Video, and here's everything about The Boys spinoff including the cast, characters, and connection to the original show.

The superhero group the Seven in The Boys 1
New The Boys Comic Character Confirmed For Gen V Spinoff

A new character from The Boys comic has been confirmed to appear in Gen V, a spinoff taking place in the same time period as the flagship series.

The Seven from The Boys Edited 1
Another Major The Boys Character Confirmed To Cameo In Gen V Spinoff

The upcoming superhero series Gen V gets another confirmed cameo from the cast of The Boys, the Prime Video series from which it is a spinoff.

Marie blood bending in Gen V 1
Gen V Trailer: Superhero Spinoff Has Enough Gore & Powers To Rival The Boys

A new Redband trailer for Gen V reveals more gore, violence, and story elements of the upcoming spinoff of Prime Video's hit series The Boys.

Gen V's poster next to Homelander from The Boys 1
Amazon's The Boys Spinoff Plan Has A Crucial Flaw That Could Ruin The Franchise

Amazon’s Gen V TV show has one crucial aspect going against it which needs to be perfected in the right way to work as part of the franchise.

Homelander and Golden Boy in The Boys and Gen V 1
Vought's New The Boys Supe Is The Perfect Homelander Replacement

Several details in Gen V are starting to suggest that Vought's new The Boys supe has the potential to dethrone and even replace Homelander someday.

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys Season 2 looking unfcomfortable 1
Homelander Is Decapitated In Official The Boys Spinoff Poster: Meet The Gen V Cast

A new poster for the The Boys spinoff Gen V, which premieres on Prime Video on September 29, features an image of a decapitated Homelander statue.

Victoria Neuman and the Gen V poster 1
Major Gen V Spinoff Cameo Sets Up The Boys Season 4's Main Villain

Gen V's newest trailer shows off a major The Boys cameo, and this character could be setting up the biggest villain story for The Boys season 4.

Billy Butcher and Golden Boy in Gen V 1
Does Patrick Schwarzenegger's The Boys Spinoff Character Have The Same Powers As Butcher?

Gen V has finally given a look at Patrick Schwarzenegger's Golden Boy, and it looks like his powers may be related to Billy Butcher's in The Boys.

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