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Matthew Rudoy is one of Screen Rant's news writers. Before becoming a news writer, Matthew was a list writer for Screen Rant. In addition to Screen Rant, he also currently contributes to Dork Side of the Force. He has previously self-published two fantasy/sci-fiction novels titled Corruption and Destruction.

Industry Focus

While Matthew's favorite movies and TV shows tend to fall in the fantasy and science-fiction genres, he enjoys and is open to anything that provides an engaging story, strong character development, and in-depth world-building.

Favorite Media

Matthew's all-time favorite TV shows are Lost, Mr. Robot, and The Good Place. He currently enjoys writing about a variety of movies and television series, including The Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones, The Boys, Only Murders in the Building, From, and Yellowjackets. 

Gen V Golden Boy clip 1
Gen V (2023)
Gen V Clip Reveals Golden Boy's Suit - And Huge Job Offer [EXCLUSIVE]

In an exclusive Gen V clip, Godolkin University's star student Golden Boy gets a peek at his new superhero costume - and a surprising job offer.

Rocky with his coaches on the ring 1
"Nobody Wanted To Make It": Rocky's Challenges Revealed By Stallone 47 Years After Release

Sylvester Stallone reveals insights and challenges behind the development of the original Rocky movie 47 years after its theatrical release.

Omni-Man flying in scene from Invincible animated series. 1
Invincible (2021)
How Omni-Man's Absence Impacts Invincible Season 2, According To Robert Kirkman

Invincible creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman explains how Omni-Man's absence will impact the story in season 2 of the animated series.

Ahsoka vs Marrok on Corellia 1
Ahsoka (2023)
How Star Wars Changed Ahsoka's Lightsaber Design To Make The Show's Stunning Duels Possible

Ahsoka props master Josh Roth explains how the fan-favorite character's lightsaber design was changed to bring the show's lightsaber duels to life.

Custom image of Daryl Dixon in France and Daryl with Rick and Glen in The Walking Dead season 1 1
The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (2023)
Daryl Dixon's Spinoff Aims To Recapture The Walking Dead's Early Seasons: "Like Starting All Over Again"

The Daryl Dixon spinoff aims to go back to basics by recapturing the more focused storytelling of The Walking Dead's earliest seasons.

Oppenheimer clinching his teeth with the explosion in the background and money flying 1
Oppenheimer Is Christopher Nolan's 3rd Highest Grossing Movie Ever Only Behind Batman Films

Oppenheimer has become Christopher Nolan's third highest-grossing movie ever, with only The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises ahead of it.

Custom image of Sophie on her phone and Sophie with Valentina in How I Met Your Father 1
How I Met Your Father (2022)
How I Met Your Father EP Responds To Cancellation: "Always Made My Heart Feel Full"

How I Met Your Father executive producer Craig Thomas responds to the news of Hulu cancelling the How I Met Your Mother spinoff series.

Hilary Duff How I Met Your Father 1
How I Met Your Father (2022)
How I Met Your Father Season 3 Not Moving Forward As Hulu Cancels HIMYM Spinoff

How I Met Your Father is not moving forward with season 3 as Hulu cancels the How I Met Your Mother spinoff series starring Hilary Duff.

Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie in The Last of Us 1
The Last Of Us (2023)
The Last Of Us Season 2 Is “Raring To Go” Once Strikes End, Says HBO Creator

HBO's The Last of Us creator Craig Mazin confirms that he and the creative team are prepared to proceed with season 2 when the strikes end.

Elizabeth Olsen dressed for Halloween in WandaVision 1
After 4 Years Of Marvel, Elizabeth Olsen Needs "Other Characters" Than Just Scarlet Witch

Elizabeth Olsen has expressed her desire to play characters other than Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hodor holds the door in Game of Thrones 1
Game Of Thrones (2011)
Game Of Thrones' Hodor & Bran Stark Actors Reunite 7 Years After Heartbreaking "The Door" Episode

Game of Thrones actors Kristian Nairn and Isaac Hempstead Wright reunite 7 years after "The Door," one of the series' most emotional episodes.

Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 1
Harry Potter's Ginny Had No Lines At First, Star Auditioned With Another Character's Dialogue

Harry Potter star Bonnie Wright initially had no lines to read as Ginny in her audition and had to instead read another character's dialogue.

you are so not invited to my bat mitzvah-1 1
Adam Sandler's New Netflix Movie Earns Him Career-High Rotten Tomatoes Score

Adam's Sandler's new Netflix movie, You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah, has earned a career-high Rotten Tomatoes score for the comedic actor.

Aladdin Pinocchio Easter Egg 1
Disney Animator Explains How Robin Williams' "Amazingly Fertile Brain" Led To Aladdin's Pinocchio Easter Egg

Disney animator Eric Goldberg explains how Robin Williams' unparallaled knack for improvisational comedy led to Aladdin's Pinocchio Easter egg.

Kong and Godzilla in Godzilla vs Kong 1
Godzilla X Kong Release Date Delayed As WB Shifts 2024 Calendar

As Warner Bros. shifts its 2024 release calendar amid the ongoing actors strike, MonsterVerse movie Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire has been delayed.

Barbie looking stunned while smiling 1
Barbie's Post-Credits Scene Readded For IMAX Version, Releasing 9 Weeks Into Theatrical Run

Barbie will have a limited IMAX release with bonus post-credits footage following the movie's extensive critical and commercial success.

Boba Fett and Jon Hamm 1
Mad Men's Jon Hamm Returns To Star Wars As Boba Fett In Return Of The Jedi Anthology

Mad Men's Jon Hamm will voice Star Wars' Boba Fett in the audiobook version of the From a Certain Point of View: Return of the Jedi anthology.

Robbie Amell and Andy Allo in Upload season 3 1
Upload (2020)
Upload Season 3 Release Date Confirmed With A New Release Plan Revealed By Prime

Prime Video's sci-fi series Upload has a confirmed release date for season 3, along with a different release plan from seasons 1 and 2.

Upload season 2 Nathan real Lakeview version 1
Upload (2020)
Upload Season 3 Images: Nathan Is Back In The Real World As The Freeyond Conspiracy Continues

Amazon Prime Video's Upload teases season 3 with new images showing Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell) back in the real world with Nora Antony (Andy Allo).

Sauron in armor and wearing the One Ring in The Fellowship of the Ring 1
“As Good As It Gets”: Sauron’s Battle Armor In LOTR Gets Perfect Score From Medieval Arms Expert

A medieval arms expert gives Sauron's battle armor in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring's prologue a perfect score for authenticity.

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