Warning! Contains spoilers For Batman And Robin #1!Almost every single one of Batman's Robins has left the nest and gotten their own identity at one point or another. Dick Grayson became Nightwing, Jason Todd became Red Hood, Tim Drake was Red Robin for a period, and now it seems that Damian Wayne finally has a new codename of his own with the title the Prince of Krows. DC has recently proven open to letting Damian Wayne grow up, and one of the major things he just got might be a brand-new codename.

The first inkling of this new identity appears in Batman and Robin #1 by Joshua Williamson, Simone Di Meo, and Steve Wands. This book showcases the new relationship between Bruce Wayne and his son Damian as they start living together, away from the rest of the Bat-Family, and away from Wayne Manor. This gives readers an insight into the average life of the pair, such as Damian making breakfast since Batman seemingly sleeps in. Another thing Damian does to pass his time is draw manga and his own little short stories. One of these follows "Damian Vane" as the "Prince of Krows," a young boy destined to take over a mantle who longs for something more.

Damian Is The Prince Of Krows

Robins New Code Name

When Damian first showed up in Batman's care he was a borderline villain. He had absolutely no regard for anyone's life except his own and killed nearly 100 people by the age of 10 years old. But despite starting out mired in darkness, Damian Wayne didn't become a villain. With the help of Batman and the Bat-Family, Damian was pulled out of darkness and managed to become a full-fledged hero. Since then DC has allowed Damian to grow, both as a character and physically. When he first appeared in comics Damian was a 10-year-old child, and now he's a teenager, around 15 to 16 years of age and the next step for him is to move out of the Robin role, just as every Robin has before him.

There comes a time in every Robin's life when they need to move past the mantle and find their own place in the world. Dick, Jason, and Tim, all did this when they put the mantle of Robin aside and became heroes in their own rights, though admittedly with some mixed results. There's no way that Dick Grayson would be the household name he is today if he hadn't stopped being Robin so many years ago and took on the name of Nightwing. Likewise, with DC finally letting Damian grow older, it seems that a new codename for the teenager isn't out of the question, and his chosen name of the Prince of Krows is a pretty fitting one.

Damian Wayne Is Growing Up

Bruce sends Damian to High School
Damian going to high school

All of Batman's Robins have done pretty well solo; Nightwing consistently gets his own series, Tim had several of his own series for years, and while Jason has struggled with getting a solo book, there's no denying people know who he is. Damian has been incredibly popular as well, leading to membership on teams like the Teen Titans and playing a major role in Batman's lore, and readers are ready to see where Damian goes next. It's time for Damian Wayne, who is literally a prince as part of his origin, to step out of the role of Robin and become the Prince of Krows.

Batman and Robin #1 is on sale now from DC Comics!