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Damian Wayne Future Batman DC Comics 1
Robin Just Introduced the Perfect Codename for His Adult Hero Persona

Damian Wayne finally seems to be growing up in DC Comics and one of the major steps towards that is for Robin to establish his own hero name.

Robin's New Mission Proves DC Will Finally Let Him Grow Up

Damian Wayne has been Robin for years, and now DC has finally given him his most challenging mission yet. Damian Wayne is finally going to grow up.

Batman looking sad with Catwoman in the background 1
1 Sick Batman Moment Confirms the Hero He Loves More Than Nightwing

Batman has a host of adopted children and loves all of them deeply, including Nightwing, but it seems that he absolutely has a favorite child.

Damian Wayne jumping as Robin in the comics. 1
Only Robin Has the Skills to Save the Entire DC Universe

Knight Terrors sees the DC Universe fall into a nightmare thanks to the new villain Insomnia, and one Robin might be the only hope to save everyone.

Damian Wayne, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Red Robin in the comics 1
The Most Traumatized Robin Was Just Confirmed in One Scene

All of the Robins come from tragic backgrounds, but the latest One Bad Day comic proves which Robin has it the worst.

Damian Wayne Batman Death 1
Batman's Son Just Got the Perfect Dying Words

Damian Wayne spent his time as Robin obsessed with one day taking over his father's mantle, but in death, he finally earned the right to be Batman.

Batman and Robin Damian Wayne 1
Batman's Son Gets a New Codename, Fulfilling Bruce's Dream for Gotham

In one of the darkest versions of the DC Universe, future Batman Damian Wayne gets a new codename that fulfills his father's brightest dreams.

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Batman's New God-Tier Feat Proves Damian Wayne Is the Best Dark Knight

In the reality of DCeased, Damian Wayne has become the new Batman, pulling off a literal god-tier feat even Bruce Wayne never could.

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Damian Wayne is More Powerful Than Any Robin in History

There have been many Robins over the course of Batman's history, but DC just confirmed which one of them is the most powerful: Damian.

Batman and Damian Wayne's Dark Robin in DC Comics 1
Batman Confirms His Son Is His Most Dangerous Enemy with One Line

In Batman Vs. Robin #3, one particular bit of dialogue from the Dark Knight proves that his son Damian might be his most challenging foe yet.

Damian Wayne Robin in DC Comics 1
Damian Wayne’s Rejection of Batman’s Biggest Rules Makes Him A Hero

Batman's rule against killing makes him a great hero, but sometimes Damian Wayne's willingness to cross that line proves to be a necessary evil

Damian Wayne in Blue and Red Comic Art 1
Damian Wayne's Secret Superpower Proves He'll Betray the Bat-Family

Damian Wayne has tried his best to be a hero, but one moment reveals how he may wind up embracing his darkest self and betray the Bat-Family.

Damian Wayne as Batman 666 1
Damian Wayne Officially Becomes Batman (With a Dark Twist)

Damian Wayne has begun going down an extremely dark path - becoming Batman as he dons a new Batsuit as the future Batman 666 in the DC Universe.

Batman Robin hug 1
Damian Definitively Proved He Was the Best Robin With One Gift to Batman

Damian Wayne may have had problems with empathy in his early days as Robin, but now he's one of the best gift-givers in the whole DC Universe.

Damian Wayne dead 1
How DC's Other Robin Death Broke Batman Worse Than Jason's Murder

While the death of the second Robin Jason Todd haunted Batman, the death of his son Damian had a far more traumatic effect on the Dark Knight.

Super Sons Colin 1
Damian Wayne's First Real Friendship Makes Much More Sense Than Jon Kent

DC Comics fans know that Jonathan Kent is Damian Wayne's best friend, but Damian originally had a much more fitting friend for his personality.

Damian Wayne Robin Two-Face DC Comics 1
Robin's Two-Face Form Is Damian Wayne's Perfect Villain

The potential outcome for one of Two-Face’s deadly traps turns Damian Wayne into the type of Robin he’s always feared he would one day become.

Damian Wayne's Robin and Darth Vader in DC Comics 1
DC Officially Confirms Damian Wayne is Their Darth Vader

In DC's back-to-school special, Damian Wayne epically proves his flair for the dramatic with a first day of school entrance worthy of a Sith lord.

Jason Todd Vs Damian Wayne 1
DC Already Settled Which Robin Is 'Evil' (& It's Not Jason Todd)

Jason Todd is often considered the darkest Robin, but DC already confirmed that Jason is the purest and the darkest may actually be Damian Wayne.

Batman and Robin fighting each other on the cover of Batman vs Robin #1 1
Batman vs. Robin Trailer Puts Damian Wayne At Center of Magical War

A new trailer for the upcoming Batman vs. Robin event has been released and it seems like Damian Wayne is involved in an assault on DC’s magic users.

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