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Dashiel Reaves is a writer for ScreenRant, growing up he was always around comics due to his parents' involvement with Batman The Animated Series and various other comic book properties! He absolutely adores comics and always has for as long as he could read. He wants to try and share his love and passion for them with others.

Industry Focus

Since he grew up around his parents working on Batman the Animated Series, Dashiel has always loved Batman and the DC Universe. It's where his primary center of comic book knowledge is and it's what he enjoys talking about the most. Most of his articles are going to be about the DC Trinity because of this.

Favorite Media

While Dashiel's absolute favorite comic media is Hellblazer, he's also a huge fan of Batman and Superman. The dark city of Gotham and the bright buildings of Metropolis are something that is endlessly fascinating to him. Hopefully, this fascination comes off in his writing and is able to captivate readers just as much as it's captivated him.

Damian Wayne Future Batman DC Comics 1
Robin Just Introduced the Perfect Codename for His Adult Hero Persona

Damian Wayne finally seems to be growing up in DC Comics and one of the major steps towards that is for Robin to establish his own hero name.

Batman Superman and Kryptonite DC 1
Batman's 10 Darkest Anti-Superman Contingency Plans

Batman is famous for having contingency plans to take down his allies, and the one hero he's most prepared to defeat is none other than Superman.

Superman Scared DC Comics 1
Superman Summed Up His Biggest Fear in 1 Heart-Breaking Sentence

Superman is the Man of Steel, and citizens will always believe he'll be there to save them no matter what — which is exactly Superman's biggest fear.

nightwing oracle batgirl knight terrors 1
DC Confirms the Scariest Bat-Family Member in the Saddest Way Possible

DC's Knight Terrors event continues, as members of the Bat-Family find themselves trapped in a nightmare Arkham Asylum, forced to battle their fears.

"Gotham's Son": One Unexpected Villain Created the Next Generation of Gotham's Criminals

The history of crime in Gotham is complex, but the future of crime in Gotham has a simple – and horrifying – explanation, thanks to this villain.

knight terrors 1
DC's Knight Terrors Forgot the One Hero Who Could Have Changed Everything

DC just wrapped up one of their biggest events of the year, but it seems they forgot to invite the one character who could've helped the most.

Batman Wolf Form-1 1
Batman's Terrifying Wolf Form Debuts in Beastly New Art

Batman is one of the scariest heroes in the DC Universe, but in DC's next big crossover it seems the Dark Knight will truly turn into a monster.

Superman Joker Greatest Insult DC Comics 1
Superman Explained Pop Culture's Joker Obsession with 1 Insightful Insult

The Joker is one of the most chaotic characters in comics, but despite this Superman nailed not only the Joker but many of his fans with one insult.

Red Hood's Greatest Fear is as Heartbreaking as it is Surprising

Red Hood is one of DC's greatest anti-heroes, but when readers got to see his true fears, it wasn't his darkest deeds, but instead fears of Batman.

nightwing robin 1
Dick Grayson's Earliest Forgotten Costume Proves He Was Born to Be Nightwing (Not Robin)

Nightwing's current suit is absolutely iconic — and part of the reason why is because Nightwing has been planning it ever since he was Robin.

daredevil and bullseye 1
Daredevil Got His Ultimate Revenge and Immediately Lost His Soul

Bullseye is one of Daredevil's most threatening villains, but when Daredevil finally gets revenge, he just ends up making everything worse.

Superman and the Chained 1
Superman's New Doomsday-Level Villain Reveals a Major Part of His Origin

While not much is currently known about Superman's next big villain the Chained, it seems the foe has just shared a crucial bit of information.

City of Madness Batman and Cthulhu Batman 1
"The Batman Below": Batman's Ultimate Dark Opposite Finally Gets a Codename

Batman has faced many dark mirrors of himself over the years, but the Batman Below might be the darkest reflection of the Caped Crusader yet.

Batman vs Joker While Falling 1
DC Lore Will Change Forever as [SPOILER] Kills Joker - Theory Explained

The Joker is one of the worst villains Batman has ever fought, and it seems like the Clown Prince of Crime is finally going to get what he deserves.

reverse-flash outrunning flash 1
DC's Ultimate Time Traveler Admits Flash Could Be His Equal With 1 Change

Time travel is beyond dangerous in the DC Universe, but one villain proves that the Flash could be an even more amazing hero if he mastered it.

Nightwing, stretched on a table with a terrifying rictus grin. 1
Scarecrow Works Much Better as Nightwing's Villain Than Batman's

Nightwing has struggled to find his own unique rogues over the years, but his relationship with Scarecrow proves the villain should be Nightwing's.

Superman and John Constantine 1
Superman's Magical New Team Puts Justice League Dark to Shame

Superman is one of the brightest heroes in the DC Universe, but his magical new teammates are far more used to spending their time in the dark.

Vampire Nightwing in DC vs Vampires 1
Nightwing's New Vampire War Is a Chance to Fix His Biggest Defeat

As December draws near, many DC characters will be getting gifts from Santa — and Nightwing's present might just be the gift of redemption.

batman-with-money 1
"I Shared Our Wealth, And Now It's Gone": Batman Has Officially Lost the Last of His Fortune

Batman has lost his billionaire status, and as he loses the last of his fortune, he has an extreme reaction - and his allies will pay the price.

Batman and Daredevil 1
Daredevil Shows Why Batman Can't Save Gotham with Money

Daredevil once saved his city by donating millions, but despite Bruce Wayne's wealth, this same strategy would never work for Batman in Gotham.

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