Ellen Burstyn in The Exorcist Believer and Taylor Swift during her Eras Tour 1
"One Thing Scares Me To Death": Exorcist Believer Producer Explains Taylor Swift Release Date Change

The Exorcist: Believer's producer, Jason Blum, opens up about the horror movie's release date change and confirms Taylor Swift's impact on it.

Alphie and Joshua as seen in The Creator 1
How Joshua & Alphie Are Connected In The Creator Explained

The Creator centers on the story of Alphie and Joshua amid a human-AI war, but the two are slowly revealed to be more connected than first thought.

thecreator_endingexplained 1
The Creator Ending Explained

The Creator ends on a hopeful note. We break down the sci-fi film's ending, what the future holds for AI in the movie, what's next for Alphie & more.

Snape Boggart Harry potter 1
Severus Snape Complete Life Timeline: Tragic Origin, School, Voldemort & Harry Potter

The timeline of Severus Snape's life is full of tragedy, and though he was never fully good or bad, his story provides the foundation of Harry Potter.

Asha and Valentino the goat in Disney's Wish 1
Disney's New Animated Movie Is What We’ve Waited 12 Years For

Disney’s upcoming movie Wish is reviving one of the animation studio’s earlier traditions, making it the project longtime fans have been waiting for.

Tony Stark Avengers Star-Lord 1
This 10 Second Scene Is The Most Horrifying In The MCU's Entire 32 Movie History

The MCU has some heartbreaking and shocking scenes, but one, that's only 10 seconds long, is the most horrifying one in the MCU's history so far.

house-of-wax-killer-identity-motives-explained 1
Who Was The Killer In House Of Wax? Identity & Motives Explained

House of Wax follows a group of teens who wind up in the remote town of Ambrose, home to a strange and eerily lifelike museum of wax figures.

sonic-hedgehog-3-wishlist (1) 1
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Wishlist: 10 Characters, Places, & More We Want To See

Shadow is teased to appear in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, but there are still several other characters, locations, and ideas that we hope to see.

Professor Dumbledore at a trial in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 1
Michael Gambon's 10 Greatest Dumbledore Scenes In Harry Potter

Michael Gambon has died at age 82, but the Harry Potter star will be remembered for his performances as Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

Jigsaw holding a fresh ripe tomato 1
Saw X Debuts With Highest Rotten Tomatoes Score Of All 10 Movies

Saw X debuts with the highest and the only fresh Rotten Tomatoes score in the entire horror franchise now consisting of 10 installments.

Roald Dahl adaptations 1
10 Roald Dahl Stories Wes Anderson Should Adapt After His Netflix Shorts

With Wes Anderson adding more Roald Dahl tales to his filmography, there are many other stories that deserve to be revived on the big screen.

Josh Hutcherson as Mike and Chica holding a cupcake figure in Five Nights At Freddy's 1
Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 & Beyond Plans Teased By Director

Director Emma Tammi addresses whether there are plans for Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and more sequels and what those few conditions could be.

Zac Efron as Andy in Firestarter 1
Andy's Powers In Firestarter Explained: What The "Push" Is

Here's a complete breakdown of Andy's "Push" ability in Firestarter and how it affects his overarching storyline in the Stephen King movie adaptation.

camp hideout inter 1
Director Sean Olson & Composer Jason Brandt On Family Film Camp Hideout

Longtime friends and collaborators Sean Olson and Jason Brandt discuss their work on the fun new film starring Corbin Bleu and Christopher Lloyd.

Blended image of Frankenstein's Monster in Frankenstein, Robert Angier in The Prestige, and Krank in The City of Lost Children. 1
10 Great Sci-Fi Movies Not Set In The Future

By not setting their stories in the future, these sci-fi movies either reimagine the past or ground their spectacular plots in the familiar present.

Leia Return of the Jedi 1
10 Actors Who Could Successfully Play A Recast Leia In An Heir To The Empire Movie

Of all the characters in Star Wars, Leia Organa’s role for future titles is the trickiest. These actors could play her in an Heir to the Empire film.

Peter, The Narrator, and Roald Dahl in The Swan 1
Wes Anderson's The Swan Cast & Character Guide

Wes Anderson's The Swan is one of several short movies based on Roald Dahl's stories, with a small cast that makes the most of their roles.

Hercules live action 1
Disney's Live-Action Hercules: Confirmation, Release Date Prediction & Everything We Know

Disney's Live-Action Hercules is slowly moving ahead in pre-production with the Russo Brothers at the helm as they plan to extend the original.

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Every movie coming to theaters October 2023 1
Every Movie Coming To Theaters In October 2023

October 2023 will see the release of a new Exorcist movie, Martin Scorsese's latest project, a horror movie based on a Twitter thread, and more.

Disney Wish Ariana DeBose Asha Exclusive 1
How Ariana DeBose Inspired Key Elements Of Her Wish Character

Exculsive: Wish writer and Disney Animation Studios CCO Jennifer Lee reveals how Ariana DeBose's personality influenced the creation of Asha.

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