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Adrienne Tyler is a Senior Features Writer for Screen Rant. She has written for Pop Wrapped, 4YE, D20Crit, BamSmackPow, 148 Elm, and Netflix. She was a regular guest on Netfreaks podcast and occasionally contributes to Screen Portal's Lydia Loves Timelines. She was a YouTuber at some point but won't talk about that. Guillermo del Toro said “hi” to her once.

Industry Focus

Adrienne spends most of her time writing about the MCU, the Halloween movie saga, the Dark Knight trilogy, and Stranger Things, but she also loves writing about the Scream movie saga, Goodfellas, Sons of Anarchy, Stephen King, and Friends. 

Favorite Media

Adrienne's favorite movie is the 1994 classic Reality Bites, her favorite TV shows are Parks & Recreation and New Girl, and she insists that Frankenstein is the greatest book ever written. She will defend Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy until the end of times. She's a retired Star Wars fan.

Tony Stark Avengers Star-Lord 1
This 10 Second Scene Is The Most Horrifying In The MCU's Entire 32 Movie History

The MCU has some heartbreaking and shocking scenes, but one, that's only 10 seconds long, is the most horrifying one in the MCU's history so far.

Every movie coming to theaters October 2023 1
Every Movie Coming To Theaters In October 2023

October 2023 will see the release of a new Exorcist movie, Martin Scorsese's latest project, a horror movie based on a Twitter thread, and more.

The Swan Wes Anderson short film 1
Wes Anderson's The Swan Ending Explained

The Swan is the second short film in Wes Anderson's Henry Sugar collection, and here's the real meaning of Peter Watson's story and the swan.

Umbrella Academy Ben Reginald Klaus 1
The Umbrella Academy (2019)
The Umbrella Academy's Origin Is Even Darker After This Hargreeves Mother Detail Was Discovered

The origin of the Hargreeves is still one of The Umbrella Academy's biggest mysteries, but one detail makes it even darker and more disturbing.

The Shining Psycho The Babadook 1
10 Very Controversial Opinions About Iconic Horror Movies

Some opinions about iconic horror movies have ended up becoming controversial, though some of them have some interesting points to consider.

A side by side image features Loki from the MCU, the Dancing With the Stars mirrorball trophy, and Slappy from Goosebumps 1
New On Disney+: All 32 Movies & TV Shows Arriving In October

October 2023 brings several new shows and movies to Disney+, including Loki, The Haunted Mansion, Dancing With The Stars, and Goosebumps.

Friends Rachel Chandler 1
Friends (1994)
Why Friends' Rachel & Chandler Romance Plan Actually Could Have Worked

The main characters of Friends almost had a completely different dynamic as the writers planned a romance between Rachel and Chandler.

The Thing Maleficent Mamma Mia Here We Go Again 1
10 Unnecessary Movie Prequels That Added Nothing To The Original Movies

While some prequels expand stories from the original movie, there are many that didn't need to happen, and some did more harm than good.

Stranger Things Eleven Henry Creel Vecna 1
Stranger Things (2016)
Stranger Things Needs 1 Former Horror Movie Guest Star To Return In Season 5

Stanger Things season 5 needs to bring back one horror legend from season 4 in order to bring Vecna's story to a complete and satisfying ending.

Good Will Hunting Ex Machina Singing in the Rain 1
10 Best Movies On Max Right Now

The streaming platform Max is home to a variety of movies from all genres and for all ages, including classics, award-winning movies, and a lot more.

Gingerbread Man Donkey Shrek 1
10 Best Shrek Movie Characters, Ranked

The Shrek movie series introduced a variety of characters, of which some became the most popular in the franchise, even if some only appeared once.

A blended image features multiple actors who have played Ted Bundy 1
Every Ted Bundy Movie Ranked Worst To Best (Including No Man Of God)

Hollywood's strange obsession with serial killer Ted Bundy continues with No Man Of God, but which is the best movie about the notorious criminal?

Iron Man and Doctor Strange 1
Doctor Strange Finally Killed Off An Iron Man Return Theory

The MCU's multiverse sparked hope for Iron Man's return, but Doctor Strange's second solo movie put an end to those theories through incursions.

Michael Morbius 1
Morbius' Most Controversial Scene Makes Even Less Sense 1.5 Years Later

Morbius' post-credits scene has become infamous for not making sense, and it gets worse as Sony continues to ignore it and Vulture's future.

Barbie The Nun 2 Expendables 1
The 10 Best Movies in Theaters Right Now

Some of 2023's most anticipated movies can still be enjoyed on the big screen, along with some exciting new releases from different genres.

Mia Goth in Pearl Margot Robbie in Barbie Jeremy Allen White in The Bear 1
10 Young Actors Who Are Doppelgangers For Older Stars

The entertainment industry is full of lookalikes, and there are some young actors who could easily play the younger versions of older stars.

Christian Bale and Josh Brolin as George W Bush in W 1
Why Christian Bale Dropped Out Of Playing George W. Bush In Oliver Stone's W.

Oliver Stone's W. originally starred Christian Bale as George W. Bush, but after months of preparation, he decided to drop out due to one detail.

Hans Landa Vincent Vega Cliff Booth 1
Every Quentin Tarantino Movie Mystery That The Director Already Solved

Quentin Tarantino's movies have left a couple of mysteries, but some of them have already been solved in extended media and interviews.

Casablanca Laszlo Ilsa Rick 1
Casablanca Never Would've Happened Without This Forgotten 1938 Movie

Casablanca is one of the greatest films ever made, but it owes everything it is and has to a forgotten movie from 1938 and its original version.

Clarissa Darling Cory Matthews Daria Morgendorffer 1
13 TV Shows That Will Drive Your '90s Nostalgia Wild

The 1990s saw a variety of TV shows for viewers of all ages and with different tastes, and some of them have the power to evoke a lot of nostalgia.

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