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Greg MacArthur

Senior Features Writer

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Greg MacArthur is a Senior Features Writer at Screen Rant in both Television and Movies. Greg majored in Film Production at Chapman University and previously worked in Development at ABC Television and Lawrence Bender Productions. Greg gained years of production and broadcast experience at major networks including NBC, TNT, and ESPN.

Industry Focus

Greg covers new and popular streaming content on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus. Greg recently wrote extensively on Netflix's Black Mirror, Apple TV's Hijack, and HBO's Succession for Screen Rant. Greg also covers new theatrical releases such as Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.

Favorite Media

Greg's favorite movies include action and neo-noir films such as Blade Runner 2049 and uniquely original stories like Her. He loves the directorial work of Denis Villeneuve, Paul Thomas Anderson, and David Fincher. Greg's list of top shows features Mad Men, Atlanta, Nathan For You, and Dexter's first four seasons (and kind of season 7).

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Who Was The Killer In House Of Wax? Identity & Motives Explained

House of Wax follows a group of teens who wind up in the remote town of Ambrose, home to a strange and eerily lifelike museum of wax figures.

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10 Best Western Comedies Of All Time, Ranked

Western comedy is a rare but rewarding genre when done correctly, producing some of the greatest comedy films of all time. Here's the top 10, ranked.

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What The Godfather Part 2's Cast Have Done Since (& Where They Are Now)

Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather Part II has an exceptional cast who all later went on to star in dozens of significant movies and TV series.

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10 Biggest Reveals About Jason & Travis In Amazon's Kelce Documentary

Amazon's Kelce doc follows the personal lives of brothers & NFL superstars Jason and Travis Kelce before their legendary faceoff in Super Bowl LVII.

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Grace Kelly's 10 Best Movies, Ranked

Hollywood icon Grace Kelly only starred in a handful of movies over a span of five years, several of which are among the greatest films ever made.

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10 Underrated Action TV Shows You Need To Watch

Some action shows are overlooked despite being full of high-octane drama, suspenseful thrills, and outstanding twists. Here are 10 underrated series.

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Did Jason Kelce Retire From The NFL? Documentary Decision Explained

Future NFL Hall of Famer and star of the Amazon doc Kelce, Jason Kelce debated whether to retire after his 12th season & 2nd Super Bowl appearance.

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10 Best Samara Weaving Movies & TV Shows, Ranked

Samara Weaving has appeared in several great movies and notable television shows in recent history. Here are ten of her very best works.

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How Much Vin Diesel Was Paid For His 8 Fast & Furious Movies

Across Vin Deisel's eight leading performances as Dominic Toretto in the Fast & Furious franchise, the actor has taken home several massive paychecks.

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What Is Jason & Travis Kelce’s Net Worth In 2023

NFL stars and brothers Jason & Travis Kelce continue to excel in the NFL during the 2023-2024 season. Here's how much each Kelce is worth.

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All 4 Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall Movies, Ranked Worst To Best

Real-life romantic partners Humphrey Bogarts & Lauren Bacall met through one of 4 films that they starred in together, ranked here from worst to best.

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Black Mirror (2011)
10 Best Black Mirror Episodes, Ranked

The acclaimed sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror has many great installments with genius concepts & shocking twists. Here are the 10 best episodes.

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10 Great But Gut-Wrenching Movies You Can Only Watch Once

Some movies, while outstanding & award-winning, tell stories that are too tragic or horrific to watch more than once. Here are 10 of the most brutal.

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Barbenheimer's Domination Perfectly Set Up 1 Forthcoming Blockbuster For Box Office Success

The coinciding box office success of Barbie and Oppenheimer laid the foundation for another massive blockbuster to ride off the cultural phenomenon.

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10 Best New Family Movies Streaming Right Now

There has been an abundance of great animated films over the last few years. Here are the ten best that are available to stream right now.

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10 Best Movies To Watch If You're Missing Summer

With the summer season now officially over, here are ten of the greatest summertime movies to watch if you're not quite ready for Fall to begin.

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Why Oppenheimer Is Releasing On VOD Months Later Than Barbie & What It Means For The Christopher Nolan Movie's Box Office

Oppenheimer continues its exclusive extended run in both standard and IMAX theaters. Here's what that means for Christopher Nolan & the box office.

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10 Sci-Fi Movie Sequels That Were Much Better Than The First Film

Many of the largest sci-fi franchises contain sequels that are better than the original movies. Here are ten of the best sequels of the sci-fi genre.

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Atlanta (2016)
Every Atlanta Season, Ranked Worst To Best

The groundbreaking, genre-shifting Atlanta diverted expectations and provided unique, thought-provoking content. Here's our ranking of its 4 seasons.

winning-time-finale-loss-cancellation-irony (1) 1
Winning Time (2022)
The Irony Of Winning Time’s Final Episode After Cancellation

The canceled HBO series Winning Time was poised to return for at least one more season in a redemptive 1985 NBA Finals rematch between Bird & Magic.

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