Sentry and the Marvel Universe.  1
10 Most Powerful Characters Who Beat the Sentry (aka Marvel's Superman)

The Sentry has a reputation as Marvel's Superman for a reason, but despite that, he's not invincible. Here are the 10 Marvel characters who beat him.

Edward Norton's Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk 1
Hulk Fans Misunderstand 1 Major Thing About Banner's Angry Alter-Ego

In his Sentry series, writer Paul Jenkins revealed the reason Hulk is angry all the time, making the ferocious hero a much more sympathetic figure.

Sentry Returns New Powers Dead 1
Marvel’s Superman Has One Final Story In His Unfinished Trilogy

Sentry co-creator Paul Jenkins revealed he has one final story to tell in what he hopes will become a trilogy of tales for Marvel's Superman...

Marvel Sentry in Adi Granov Comic Art 1
Sentry Creator Reveals How He Would Bring Marvel’s Superman to the MCU

Sentry co-creator Paul Jenkins explains the key aspect of Marvel's Superman, which must be kept if the hero is ever brought into the MCU...

Rob Reynolds aka Sentry in Marvel Comics 1
Marvel’s Superman Was Originally A Reboot of 1 DC Hero

The Sentry is often referred to as "Marvel's Superman," but the character actually began life as a pitch for a different DC Comics hero.

Marvel Sentry in Adi Granov Comic Art 1
Marvel's Own 'Reign of Supermen' Event is Tearing The Sentry Apart

One of Marvel's most complex characters, the Sentry, will star in a comeback event that may make his status quo even more nebulous than before.

Sentry #1 Cover Featured Image 1
Marvel's Dark Superman Is Finally Coming Back in an Even Deadlier New Form

Marvel's dark Superman is returning in a dangerous new form this December in Sentry #1, as random civilians begin to gain his vast cosmic powers.

The Sentry flying. 1
Sentry Cosplay Nails the Unstoppable Power of Marvel's Superman

The Sentry may be the most powerful member of the Avengers, and now a new cosplay perfectly captures the imposing figure of Marvel's Superman.

Sentry soars through space 1
A Shocking MCU Hero Is Officially More Powerful Than Marvel's Superman

Wiccan aka Billy Maximoff's quick wit and magical skills helped him capture and defeat one of Marvel's most powerful characters, Sentry.

Sentry surrounded by lightning in the Marvel Comics 1
Marvel's Superman Becomes Revenant Prime in His Ultimate Nightmare Form

Doctor Strange faces his most terrifying foe yet - and he's armed with the power of one hundred million undead ghosts.

Sorcerer Supreme Marvel Comics - Fears One Avenger 1
Marvel's New Sorcerer Supreme Names The One Avenger Who Scares Her

Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme isn't scared of many people in the Marvel Universe, but the former Avenger Sentry's return in an all-new form frightens her.

Sentry's in full costume surrounded by smoke and lightening  1
Marvel's Most Powerful Hero Gets A Terrifying New Nickname

Marvel's most powerful hero has been transformed, as Sentry gets a terrifying new nickname that matches his frightening form in the Marvel Universe.

Hulk vs Sentry 1
Marvel's Original Hulk vs Sentry Fight Settled Who The Strongest Hero Is

The original plans for the fight between the Hulk and the Sentry in the World War Hulk event would have settled who Marvel's strongest hero is.

Doctor Strange Alex Ross Marvel Comics 1
Doctor Strange Fights Superman in Marvel's Craziest Magic Story Yet

It's the Man of Steel vs the Sorcerer Supreme in Marvel's craziest Doctor Strange story - and one of them is already dead.

Sentry Returns New Powers Dead 1
Marvel's Most Powerful Hero Returns From The Dead With Insane New Powers

Marvel's most powerful hero has come back from the dead and has become a major obstacle for both the current Sorcerer Supreme and Stephen Strange.

Sentry Mjolnir Marvel Comics 1
Marvel's Most Powerful Hero Can Stop Mjolnir (WITHOUT Being Worthy)

Marvel's most powerful hero, Sentry, was able to stop Thor's hammer Mjolnir, despite not being worthy, as his powers outmatched the God of Thunder's.

Marvel-Hercules-Sentry-humiliated-featured 1
The MCU's Hercules Totally Humiliated Marvel's Version of Superman

The Prince of Power, Hercules, completely humiliates Marvel’s version of Superman, the Sentry, during their only battle, showing his superior skills.

black bolt vs sentry powers 1
Black Bolt vs Sentry Settled Marvel's REAL Most Powerful Hero

Black Bolt and Sentry are so powerful, they almost defy reality, but when the two came to blows, it turned out one is in another league.

Sentry-Hulkbuster-Fight - Marvel Comics 1
Iron Man's Hulkbuster Armor Wasn't Enough To Stop Marvel's Strongest Hero

Iron Man once tried to take on Marvel's most powerful hero, Sentry, while wearing two different suits of armor, including his Hulkbuster.

Deadpool Krypto(1) 1
Deadpool Turned a Beloved DC Icon Into a Twisted Marvel Monster

Deadpool may be one of Marvel's most iconic heroes, but his canine variant is another story - and a terrible influence on Marvel's version of Krypto.

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