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Spider-Man 2099 Slays Classic Marvel Monsters in New Dystopian Horror Series

Famed Spider-Man 2099 writer Steve Orlando is returning to the world of Nueva York, and he's pitting the hero against some of Marvel's best monsters!

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Batman Beyond & Spider-Man 2099 Unite in Fanart Marvel & DC Shouldn't Ignore

Batman Beyond and Spider-Man 2099 are fan-favorite iterations of their present day counterparts, with new fanart putting them on the same team!

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Carnage 2099 Gives R-Rated New Meaning to Being a Red Symbiote

As Spider-Man 2099 takes on new foes and meets new heroes, he encounters his biggest challenge yet in the form of the Carnage of the future.

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The Forgotten Punisher Returns to the Savage Avengers

Jake Gallows aka Punisher 2099 may be all but forgotten, but he is making a comeback in the next arc of Marvel Comics' Savage Avengers!

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Marvel Reveals The Watcher's Future Widow, Flipping Cosmic Lore On Its Head

After the Watcher died, his widow took his place to observe and catalogue Earth in 2099, and Marvel definitely needs to spotlight her more.

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Black Panther's Futuristic Redesign Shows How He'd Look As A Villain

The 2099 variant cover for Black Panther, gives fans a tease at what the heroic king might look like as Marvel's most threatening villain.

Moon Knight 2099 Is Way More Powerful Than The Original Vigilante Featured 1
Moon Knight 2099 Is Way More Powerful Than The Original Vigilante

Leader of 2099's version of the Avengers, the future version of Marvel's Moon Knight is much more powerful than present-day Marc Spector.

Deadpool's Assassin Daughter Returns to Marvel in X-Men 2099

Deadpool's half-succubus assassin daughter Warda Wilson, the Deadpool of Marvel 2099, is finally returning to Marvel as part of the X-Men 2099 team.

Loki's New Title in Marvel Comics Makes Absolutely No Sense

Marvel introduced fans to Loki 2099. There's only one problem. He's the same version from the main Marvel universe, meaning the label is pointless.

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Batman Beyond & Spider-Man 2099 Get Epic Crossover In Marvel/DC Fan Art

Batman Beyond and Spider-Man 2099 collide in amazing new Marvel and DC Comics fan art that has the future heroes join forces.

Spider-Man 2099 is Making a Huge Mistake By Centering Other Heroes

By focusing on futuristic hero redesigns instead of Spidey, Marvel risks throwing away an amazing premise in its latest Spider-Man 2099 series.

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Marvel 2099 Desecrates Thor's Legacy in a Way the MCU Never Will

As Spider-Man 2099 reveals the heroes of the future, fans get an unexpected match-up of MCU legacies the movies will never show.

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Spider-Man 2099's Return is a Triumph (Review)

Fully embracing the imaginative possibilities of the far future, Spider-Man 2099: Exodus takes readers on a wild ride while setting up more to come.

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A Marvel Villain Group Butchered the Avengers & Made the World Watch

In Marvel’s future timeline of 2099 a mysterious group of villains called the Cabal not only slaughtered the Avengers but made the entire world watch.

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Ghost Rider's Future Form Just Stole an Epic MCU Moment

Ghost Rider 2099 has transcended the physical form to become pure data. It comes with perks, such as growing to a gigantic sizes and punching things.

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Spider-Man 2099 Is Redefining Marvel's Future Ahead of Spider-Verse Movie

As Spider-Man 2099 heads for the big-screen in Across the Spider-Verse, he's set to change Marvel's future for the 2099 line's 30th anniversary.

Marvels Spiderman 2099 Would Make Open World New York Better And Less Boring 1
Spider-Man 2099 Would Fix One Of The Marvel Games' Biggest Worries

While the two Marvel's Spider-Man games are great, the franchise could make its open world even better by changing its setting to 2099's Nueva York.

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Marvel's Winter Soldier 2099 To Debut In New Spider-Man 2099 Story

Marvel Comics is bringing back Spider-Man 2099 in a brand new series that will also see the debut of a new Winter Soldier 2099.

Spider-Man 2099 Fan Art Showcases Marvel's Dark Spider-Verse Future

Two pieces of fan art on Twitter reveal a sleeker yet more exaggerated Spider-Man 2099. He poses in the rain, towering over a darker Nueva York.

Spider-Verse Art Imagines Real-Life Oscar Isaac As Spider-Man 2099

Newly released Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse fan art imagine Oscar Isaac as Miguel O'Hara a.k.a Spider-Man 2099 in live-action.

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