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Angela Davis is a freelance comics and anime writer for Screen Rant. She specializes in English with concentrations in media analysis and grammar. She's met Star Trek's very own George Takei and learned some of the best ways to write stories from a lecture by famed author Neil Gaiman during college.

Industry Focus

As a member of the Comics Team, Angela's focus is primarily on the comic industry as well as the world of anime. Her knowledge ranges across various characters including Harley Quinn and Spider-Man, but she has a deep love for independent creations and the horror genre. As for anime, she focuses on the works of Junji Ito and the occasional romcom.

Favorite Media

Some of Angela's favorite stories in the world of comics and anime include Poison Ivy (2022), Uzumaki and Komi Can't Communicate. She also loves anything that explores Harley Quinn, especially when it explores her relationship with Poison Ivy. In her spare time, Angela can also be seen rocking out to some of the best anime OPs like Chainsaw Man.

spider-man 2099 monsters 1
Spider-Man 2099 Slays Classic Marvel Monsters in New Dystopian Horror Series

Famed Spider-Man 2099 writer Steve Orlando is returning to the world of Nueva York, and he's pitting the hero against some of Marvel's best monsters!

Legend of the Tomb Raider Lara Croft 1
Lara Croft Returns - Tomb Raider Gets Its Own Netflix Anime in Exciting New Teaser

A new teaser for the upcoming Tomb Raider anime has dropped and given fans a title and a clear line of what's next for Lara Croft.

Slay Ride by R.L. Stine and Pius Bak 1
A Mall Santa is Out for Blood in R.L. Stine's STUFF OF NIGHTMARES: SLAY RIDE

A new entry in the Stuff of Nightmares anthology by R.L. Stine is giving fans a Santa on the search for blood — just in time for the holidays.

Spider-Man Gang War Event 1
Spider-Man Launches a GANG WAR to Eliminate All NYC Supervillains in 48 Hours

A new Marvel Comics event is pitting Spider-Man and a team of heroes against NYC's supervillains in a chaotic Gang War, all in just 48 hours!

Cyanide and Happiness 20th Anniversary 1
CYANIDE & HAPPINESS Kickstarter Celebrates Webcomic's 20th Anniversary with New Collection

Cyanide & Happiness has opened a Kickstarter for a new collection to celebrate its 20th anniversary, and it comes with loads of extras for fans.

Star Lord and Ego the Living Planet 1
Star-Lord's Ultimate Form Just Turned Him into the New Ego

In the ultimate sacrifice, Star-Lord has become something more as he takes on a new form similar to his MCU father, Ego the Living Planet.

Superman Doesn't Have a Code 1
"I Don't Have a Code": Superman Already Justified Killing Zod in the DCEU, & He Has a Point

Superman killing General Zod in Man of Steel shocked fans of the character, but it was not as out of left field a decision as some might think.

Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Hero 1
"He Was My Best Friend": Guardians of the Galaxy Officially Reveals Groot's Final Mission as a Hero

The mystery behind Grootfall is about to be revealed, and a preview for the new Guardians comic shows Groot's final mission before becoming a villain!

Best Horror Manga NOT by Junji Ito 1
10 Best Horror Manga NOT by Junji Ito

Junji Ito has become known as the defining artist for horror manga, but these ten stories by other creators will have you keeping the lights on.

General Zod Comics and Michael Shannon 1
"Kneel Before Zod": Superman's New Take on General Zod Is Inspired by SnyderVerse's Michael Shannon

Joe Casey revealed recently that Michael Shannon's role as General Zod was an influence for his and Dan McDaid's upcoming series Kneel Before Zod.

Spy x Family Season 2 1
Spy x Family Season 2 Official Release Date Revealed

Spy x Family season 2's official release date and time have been revealed, and it's much closer than fans of the hit series might think!

The Best Anime on Max 1
10 Best Anime on Max

Max, formerly HBO Max, doesn't have as many anime options as its competitors, but what it does have some of the best in its catalogue.

Spider-Man vs. Kraven 1
Spider-Man's Shocking New Weapon Shows How Dark His Villain Turn Is Going to Get

As Spider-Man begins a walk down the path of villainy, he introduces a new weapon that shows just how dangerously evil he can really be.

Spider-Man and Playstation Spider-Man 1
Historic Spider-Verse Crossover Brings Sony Video Game Spider-Man to Earth-616 Canon

In an historic upcoming crossover, PlayStation's version of Spider-Man will be making his Earth-616 debut as he takes on the main canon Spidey.

10 Anime for Non-Anime Fans 1
10 Anime Series For People Who Don't Like Anime

Whether they're spoofs, horror stories or video game adaptations, these ten series are made for people that can't quite get into anime themselves!

Zombified Spider-Man 1
Spider-Man with a Mouthful of Spiders: New Marvel Zombies Cover Art is Gripping & Gory

A new variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man #25 by Elena Casagrande features a new zombie redesign for Spider-Man, and it's absolutely haunting.

Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe 1
New Comic by Award-Winning GENDER QUEER Artist Speaks Out Against Book Banning

Gender Queer author Maia Kobabe recently shared a new comic against book bans, and it's a shocking yet hopeful glimpse into the future.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown from Peanuts hugging 1
10 Funniest Peanuts Comics Starring Snoopy

Snoopy has become a cultural icon over the years, thanks to his adventures in Charles Schulz's Peanuts. Here are ten of his funniest outings.

Indiana Jones and Tintin 1
Indiana Jones Meets Tintin in Pitch Perfect Mashup Fanart

In an unexpected yet welcomed mashup, a work of fanart by Adam Murphy pairs together Tintin and Indiana Jones for a pitch perfect crossover.

Spider-Man Scared of Man-Spider 1
Spider-Man's Most Terrifying Variants Unite in Haunting Fanart

A scary piece of fanart by Raza has redesigned two of the Spider-Verse's creepiest variants, and it will make fans want a series based off it!

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