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The Office collage with Dwight, Oscar and Pam in front of a drawing of the building. 1
The Office (2005)
10 Storylines The Office US Reboot Should Revisit

A reboot of the U.S. version of The Office is on its way, and it needs to resolve some unanswered questions regarding its returning characters.

Jujutsu Kaisen_ Strongest Domain Expansions, Ranked 1
Jujutsu Kaisen: Strongest Domain Expansions, Ranked

One of Jujutsu Kaisen's strongest techniques is the Domain Expansion, and the series' most powerful Domain Expansions are seriously scary.

Bender and the Futurama characters 1
Futurama (1999)
10 Missing Futurama Characters Who Need To Return In Season 12

Futurama season 11 brought back many of the show's beloved characters, but some are still missing, meaning that they could come back in season 12.

witcher-season-3-important-characters-season-4-setup 1
The Witcher (2019)
10 Most Important Characters Introduced In Witcher Season 3 (& How They Set Up Season 4)

The Witcher season 3 introduces a lot of new characters, including these 10 characters who will be critical come the show's fourth season.

A colorful image of Kevin James in The King of Queens surrounded by Emojis 1
the king of queens (1998)
The King Of Queens: 10 Best Doug Heffernan Memes You Need To See

Kevin James has recently gained the spotlight as an old marketing picture of him as Doug Heffernan from The King of Queens became a viral meme.

Geordi La Forge, Harry Kim, and Jadzia Dax from various Star Trek shows. 1
Star Trek
15 Star Trek Characters Promoted Faster Than Voyager's Harry Kim

Harry Kim was famously never promoted, but lots of other Star Trek characters have been promoted faster, making his Starfleet career look even worse.

One Piece live-action season arcs 1
One Piece (Live-Action) (2023)
One Piece Live-Action's 12-Season Future: Which Anime Arcs Each Season Can Cover

One Piece's show runner's intend to expand the series to twelve seasons. These are the arcs they could cover if everything goes according to plan.

Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story Delicate Episode 2 1
American Horror Story (2012)
American Horror Story Season 12 Episode 2 Recap: 7 Story Reveals & Twists

The American Horror Story season 12 episode "Rockabye" features a lot of wild twists that change heroine Anna Alcott's pregnancy plot completely.

Walker Scobell as Percy Jackson and book covers 1
Percy Jackson & The Olympians (2023)
9 Changes Disney's Percy Jackson Show Should Make To Improve The Books' Story

Disney+’s Percy Jackson show is already highly anticipated, but could it be possible that the new series will be even better than the original boks?

Michaela and Ben Stone from Manifest 1
Manifest (2018)
7 Manifest Spinoff Ideas That Would Work After The Show's Ending

Despite season 4’s definitive ending, there are a number of ways Manifest could continue the story of Flight 828 in the form of spinoffs.

how-old-sex-education-cast-characters-ages-are 1
Sex Education (2019)
How Old Sex Education's Main Cast Members Are Compared To Their Characters

The talented cast of Sex Education grew alongside the wholesome characters they played. How much did the actors age over the show's four-season run?

Weirdest Slice of Life 1
10 Weirdest Slice of Life Anime

Anime is well known for exploring deliberately fanciful, whimsical, and weird spins to be put on the slice of life genre.

Zombies as seen in The Walking Dead series finale 1
All 5 Powers The Walking Dead's New Zombies Have

With over a decade of television, The Walking Dead universe has introduced numerous types of zombies. However, more recent ones have unique powers.

K Drama Grim Reaper characters 1
10 Best K-Drama Grim Reapers, Ranked

K-dramas are full of details that aren’t as common in American television, and one such trope that is especially interesting is the grim reaper.

Austin Butler, Andrew Lincoln, and Mia Goth 1
10 Actors Whose Real-Life Voices Are Nothing Like What You Expect

Audiences may think they really know an actor, but they are likely much different in real life, starting with something as simple as their voice.

Nightsister powers in Star Wars. 1
Star Wars
Every Nightsister Power & Spell In Star Wars Canon & Legends

The deadly and mysterious Nightsisters of Dathomir use a variety of Force powers in the Star Wars canon and Legends continuities.

Three characters from Foundation 1
Foundation (2021)
10 Biggest Changes Foundation Season 2 Makes To The Isaac Asimov Novels

The Foundation series has taken a number of creative liberties in its storytelling. These are some of the main book differences in season 2.

Several-anime-series-inspired-by-video-games 1
10 Best Anime Inspired By Video Games

Fans of video games and anime will appreciate these anime series inspired by video games as they offer fans more time to spent in those worlds.

Emily Foster from Chicago Fire One Chicago future 1
chicago med (2015)
4 Actors Who Play Multiple Characters In One Chicago

The city of Chicago isn’t as big as it may seem, and these actors have appeared in more than one show set in Dick Wolf’s One Chicago universe.

Characters from The Last Kingdom in a collage image. 1
The Last Kingdom (2015)
The Last Kingdom: 10 Things Netflix Was Right To Change From The Books

Netflix's The Last Kingdom makes some big changes to Bernard Cornwell's novels, but these 10 alterations improved the show's story and characters.

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