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Goku and the DC characters drawn by Bruno Redondo 1
Acclaimed DC Artist Shares Just How Far His Dragon Ball Fandom Went

DC artist Bruno Redondo did something incredible as a kid as a result of his passion for the iconic Dragon Ball manga.

Side by side photos of comics version Starfire and Raven displaying their powers. 1
Starfire & Raven Cosplay Showcases Combined Power of Titans' Strongest Heroes

This amazing new cosplay brilliantly captures an epic team-up of DC's Starfire and Raven, as the two heroes put their powers on full display.

Quentin Tarantino and Zorro. 1
Quentin Tarantino's Description of Zorro Proves We Missed an Amazing Antonio Banderas Performance

Quentin Tarantino's sequel film to Antonio Banderas' Zorro never got made, and the comic only served to show fans exactly what they missed out on.

Guts battles Silat the Kushan 1
Berserk Finally Reunites Guts With An Old Friend In His Darkest Hour

In chapter #374 of Berserk, Guts finally has a reunion with another former member of the Band of the Hawk, and it couldn't happen at a better time.

Ghost Rider Hell Cycle 1
Ghost Rider's True Speed Revealed as Marvel Puts a Number on the Hell Cycle's Power

The Hell Cycle has always been a source of intrigue for Ghost Rider fans and has begs the question: how fast can the bike really drive?

Sukuna_vs._Gojo_in_Jujutsu_Kaisen 1
'I'll Never Read Jujutsu Kaisen Again': Fans React To The Worst Follow-Up To THAT Big Death

Gojo's defeat has left fans devasted but the series may yet have more heartbreak and tragedy in store, especially for Sukuna's unfortunate vessel.

Batman and Superman by Frank Miller 1
Batman Knows His Dark Knight Returns Battle with Superman Is Inevitable

Stuck in the nightmare realm created by Insomnia, Batman dreams about the fight he has with Superman in the Dark Knight Returns future.

Flash 1 Cover DC 1
FLASH #1 Is a Mind-Bending Reinvention of the Fastest Man Alive (Review)

The Flash #1 brings the Scarlet Speedster back to the DC Universe in an intense and creepy-looking story from Si Spurrier and Mike Deodato, Jr.

Thanos and MCU's Phyla.  1
Guardians of the Galaxy's New MCU Hero Is Secretly Thanos' Successor

The Guardians of the Galaxy recently added a few new members to the team in the MCU, and one of them is actually Thanos' successor in the comics.

data_cool_alterego 1
"Something Far Beyond Data": Star Trek Just Introduced a New Artificial God to Franchise Canon

Star Trek: Defiant #5 teases an exciting new frontier for the franchise to explore, while delivering a darkly funny dynamic between Spock and Lore.

'100 Bullets' Vol. 1 cover art 1
"Croatoa": The Brutal History of 100 Bullets' Minutemen

In Brian Azzarello's 100 Bullets, the origins of the criminal enforcers known as the Minutemen go back to this centuries old real-world mystery.

Black Manta Aquaman Aquababy DC 1
How & Why Black Manta Killed Aquaman's Son in the Original Comics

Aquaman’s fans are afraid that Black Manta is going to kill the DCEU’s Aquababy. Discover the original events that led to the death of Aquaman’s son.

Stephen King and GI Joe's Crystal Ball 1
The New Energon Continuity Could Redeem Stephen King’s Hated G.I. Joe Character

G.I. Joe fans may not know that Stephen King created a villain for the franchise. Hated at the time, maybe the character should get a second chance...

Kid Deku dreams of becoming a hero 1
My Hero Academia Would Have Been A Lot Better If It Stayed True To Its Premise

My Hero Academia could have been even better by staying true to its premise of a powerless Deku working to become a hero without a Quirk

Leatherwing and Bruce Wayne 1
This Evil Batman Proves Money Isn't What Makes Bruce Wayne a Hero

The fascist Batman of Earth-X lacks these crucial traits of Bruce Wayne, proving that what makes Batman a true hero isn't his money at all.

Superman Scared DC Comics 1
Superman Summed Up His Biggest Fear in 1 Heart-Breaking Sentence

Superman is the Man of Steel, and citizens will always believe he'll be there to save them no matter what — which is exactly Superman's biggest fear.

Vegeta's victory over Goku was flipped in Dragon Ball Super. 1
Vegeta's One Victory Over Goku Was Flipped by Dragon Ball Super

When Vegeta took on the villainous form of Majin Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z, he defeated Goku in a battle that was utterly flipped by Dragon Ball Super.

The Boys Homelander 1
The Boys' Ending Shows Why There'll Never Be Another Homelander

The final defeat of Homelander doesn't necessarily mean Supes are done for good, but Hughie reveals the CIA will never allow a superhero comeback.

Godzilla and Mothra 1
Mothra's MonsterVerse Sacrifice Permanently Changed Godzilla in 1 Huge, Unseen Way

In Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Mothra sacrificed herself to save Godzilla, but it was revealed later that this changed him in a major way.

Superman and Homelander DC 1
Superman Perfectly Explained the Horror of The Boys' Homelander in 1 Sentence

A solemn moment of reflection for Superman gives him the chance to explain why The Boys’ twisted Homelander is such a terrifying concept.

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