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spider-man 2099 monsters 1
Spider-Man 2099 Slays Classic Marvel Monsters in New Dystopian Horror Series

Famed Spider-Man 2099 writer Steve Orlando is returning to the world of Nueva York, and he's pitting the hero against some of Marvel's best monsters!

Harley Quinn Rabbit Form Featured DC 1
Harley Quinn’s New Animal Form Has to be Seen to be Believed

The “Beast World” crossover is transforming the DC Universe and Harley Quinn gets a muscular rabbit form in a series of unbelievable covers.

x-men iron man sebastian shaw 1
Marvel's New Iron Man Is an Iconic X-Men Villain (& Their Armor Is Awesome)

In a totally unexpected twist, a major X-Men villain just debuted their own Iron Man armor - which they'll use to kill Professor Xavier.

Batman Beyond in front of neo future cityscape 1
"The Single Most Cursed Person in the Entire World": Batman Beyond's New Sidekick Reveals His Secret Mentor

As Batman and Kyle the Catboi navigate the recesses beneath Gotham Deep, the truth about Terry's magical mentor — and his past — finally comes out.

Long Distance ETAN Comics Launches A Comic Book Anthology of African History 1
"Long Distance": Etan Comics Launches A Comic Book Anthology of African History

Etan Comics announces the release of LONG DISTANCE, an anthology of ten comic book stories on African mythology and history with a sci-fi twist.

good omens adaptation 1
Good Omens: Over 10,000 People Joined Kickstarter Just to Back Record-Breaking New Adaptation

Funded on Kickstarter, Good Omens' new adaptation broke records with over $3 million of support - and one third of backers were brand-new to the site.

godzilla vs vines 1
Godzilla's New Titan Is Officially "The Most Dangerous Kaiju on Earth"

Godzilla may be the King of the Monsters, but a new threat is aiming to steal the crown - one that the planet's other Titans can't even touch.

Exclusive Breathtaking Cover Artists Assemble For Jock's GONE 1 From DSTLRY 1
Exclusive: Breathtaking Cover Artists Assemble For Jock's GONE #1 From DSTLRY

Jock has called in a team of all-star comic artists to create variant covers for his upcoming creator-owned series Gone, a sci-fi tale from DSTLRY.

darth vader star wars scourge 1
Darth Vader Is the New Host of Star Wars' Most Powerful Villain (Greater Than Palpatine)

Darth Vader is becoming a servant of the Scourge, as Star Wars' viral AI villain chooses a Sith lord as its first human host.

Captain vs Black Adam DC 1
The Captain vs. Black Adam: Shazam's Future Depends on 1 Thunderous Battle

A peak at Shazam’s future reveals trouble is on the horizon. Black Adam is coming back to steal the Captain’s power and become sole Champion.

Captain Marvel and the Avengers.  1
Captain Marvel Reveals the 1 Hero She Doesn't Respect with a Brutal Insult

While there are a few superheroes in the Marvel Universe Captain Marvel clearly doesn't like, there's one in particular who she doesn't respect.

green lantern radiant dead 1
Green Lantern's Radiant Dead Just Became the Franchise's Most Powerful Corps

The Radiant Dead have come to the DCU to spread their sinister influence. See what makes the new Green Lantern enemies so terrifying and powerful.

The Sentinels from Marvel Comics 1
Marvel's Mutant-Hunting Sentinels Have a Novel New Use

In an ironic twist, the giant, robotic Sentinels, long a threat to the X-Men and Earth’s mutants, have just become their unlikely saviors.

Superman and the Chained DC 1
Superman's Powers Are Useless Against His Doomsday-Level New Enemy

Stand aside, Doomsday. Superman encounters a new, all-powerful villain in the Chained, a villain that renders the Man of Tomorrow’s abilities useless.

Picture of Betty and Veronica with Mister Spock in the center. 1
Mister Spock Calls Out Betty & Veronica's Obsession with Archie in This Surprise Crossover

Archie Andrews has been stuck in a love triangle with Betty and Veronica for over 80 years, and this gets a surprising call out from Spock.

Deadpool from the comics pointing two guns with the X-Men in front of him 1
Deadpool Calls Out a Harsh Truth About the X-Men

The X-Men seem doomed to lose far more often than they win, and in Uncanny Avengers #2, Deadpool calls this harsh truth out in a spot-on assessment.

Red Hood is taking a selfie, in the background is Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, and other Bat-Family members. 1
Red Hood's Bat-Family History Is Completely Redefined with One Line

As the Red Hood hunts the Joker down, the Harlequin of Hate dishes out a line that completely redefines Jason Todd’s place in the Bat-Family.

Transformers #1 Basketball Prime v Starscream 1
Transformers' Autobot vs Decepticon Basketball Art Will Get 90s Fans Pumped for New Continuity

Transformers #1 is about to launch in the new Energon Universe, and Daniel Warren Johnson is celebrating the occasion with a basketball variant cover!

Power Girl Flying Forward 1
Power Girl's New Partner Proves She's Leaving Her Complicated History Behind

Power Girl has a long and complicated history, but in the first issue of her new book, she has found an exciting new partner who is helping her heal.

Spider-man and Green Goblin 1
Spider-Man's Green Goblin-Inspired Redesign Turns Him into a Nightmare-Fuel Villain

Spider-Man's had more than a few costume changes over the years, with his latest redesign turning him into a character Green Goblin would be proud of.

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