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Batman Superman and Kryptonite DC 1
Batman's 10 Darkest Anti-Superman Contingency Plans

Batman is famous for having contingency plans to take down his allies, and the one hero he's most prepared to defeat is none other than Superman.

Rerun Van Pelt 1
Peanuts: The 10 Funniest Moments Starring Rerun Van Pelt

The sometimes forgotten brother of Linus and Lucy, Rerun has many hilarious Peanuts comic strips of his own that easily rival those of his siblings.

Best Marvel Heroes 2023 1
15 Best New Marvel Heroes of 2023 (So Far)

This yeas has seen a number of great heroes introduced in the pages of Marvel Comics. Here are the 15 best new Marvel heroes of 2023 so far.

Worst Generation from One Piece Featuring Bege Luffy and Bonney 1
Every Member of One Piece's Worst Generation & Where They Are Now

Although conceived on a whim, the Worst Generation in One Piece was full of vibrant personalities and powers. Here's where they all are now:

Bane One Bad Day DC Comics 1
20 Bane Quotes That Would Strike Fear Even in Batman

A deadly combo of brains and brawn, Batman villain Bane is just as good when striking fear or striking a foe. These 20 quotes are his best.

Jean Grey's Dark Phoenix in Marvel Comics 1
18 Characters Powerful Enough To Take Down The Phoenix

The Phoenix Force is beyond powerful, but which Marvel Comics characters can defeat the X-Men cosmic entity?

Stills from various Far Side comic Strips 1
15 Funniest The Far Side Comics That Will Never Get Old

Ripped straight from the funny pages, these are the 15 most hilarious Far Side comic strips that will never get old.

horror comics sandman 1
10 Best Horror Comic Books of All Time

The horror genre has always been essential to comic books as a medium; below are the 10 best, most intense horror series of all time.

One Piece's Best Arcs 1
One Piece's 25 Best Arcs, Ranked

One Piece is one of the most iconic, beloved, and long-running anime and manga ever. In all of its history, what are the best arcs in the story?

the batman riddler paul dano 1
10 Reveals from Paul Dano's Riddler Backstory That Make The Batman Even Better

The Riddler: Year One has allowed Paul Dano to effectively share more of the nuances that made his villain in The Batman a truly horrific character.

Archie Comics Crossovers 1
15 Weirdest Archie Comics Crossovers That Actually Happened

Archie and his pals in Riverdale have met a lot of interesting people over the years. See 15 of the weirdest Archie crossovers that really happened.

Black Panther History 1
10 Most Important Black Panther Moments That Defined Marvel History

Black Panther, Marvel’s first Black superhero, has been a cornerstone in Marvel for almost 60 years, and here are his 10 defining moments.

X-Men Villains united 1
10 Best Villain Debuts in X-Men History

Check out the ten X-Men villains who were not only great from the start, but whose unforgettable debuts changed the Marvel franchise forever.

Avengers Justice League Alex Ross - Marvel DC 1
The Best Places To Read Comic Books Online

With the rise of digital comics and online shopping, here are the best places to find your comics online, as opposed to a comic book shop.

Christian Bale Batman and Marvel Spider-Man 1
15 Coolest Superhero Catchphrases Of All Time, Ranked

From war cries to mottos that superheroes live by, these are some of the coolest catchphrases in comic book history.

Batman Inspirations 1
15 Heroes & Villains Who Inspired Batman

Early 20th century creation Batman is indebted to these 15 influences, whose stories helped define the iconic Caped Crusader's character early on.

marvel cosmic gods thor one above all 1
10 Most Powerful Marvel Comics Characters Right Now (Ranked Weakest to Strongest)

Here are the 10 gods, mutants, sorcerers and robots that currently hold the top spot when it comes to power in the Marvel Universe.

Juggernaut beaten and battered 1
15 X-Men You Didn't Know Can Beat Juggernaut

Former villain Cain Marko, known to the X-Men as the Juggernaut, is infamous for being "unstoppable," but that doesn't mean he cannot be beaten.

predator hunting targets 1
14 Alien Species Predators Hunt (When They're Not Killing Humans)

Predators love hunting and killing humans, but there are a number of aliens and other non-humans they like to hunt just as much. Here are the top 14!

Thor with Batman and Wonder Woman Comic 1
Marvel Vs DC: The 25 Most Powerful Superheroes Ranked

Of all the heroes in the Marvel and DC comic universes, who are the most powerful of all - and who is a close second?

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