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Pokemon: The crystal turtle Pokemon emerges from the pendant. 1
Pokémon Horizons' Mysterious Exclusive Pokémon Joins The Series' Cast

The mysterious, crystalline turtle Pokémon that has only appeared in the anime thus far seems to be set for a more permanent presence on the show.

Goku and the DC characters drawn by Bruno Redondo 1
Acclaimed DC Artist Shares Just How Far His Dragon Ball Fandom Went

DC artist Bruno Redondo did something incredible as a kid as a result of his passion for the iconic Dragon Ball manga.

Guts battles Silat the Kushan 1
Berserk Finally Reunites Guts With An Old Friend In His Darkest Hour

In chapter #374 of Berserk, Guts finally has a reunion with another former member of the Band of the Hawk, and it couldn't happen at a better time.

pokemon why pikachu never evolved 1
Why Pikachu Never Evolved in Pokémon

Pokémon’s Pikachu has not evolved over the franchise’s history in order to push himself as a Pikachu and to remain the face of the franchise.

Sukuna_vs._Gojo_in_Jujutsu_Kaisen 1
'I'll Never Read Jujutsu Kaisen Again': Fans React To The Worst Follow-Up To THAT Big Death

Gojo's defeat has left fans devasted but the series may yet have more heartbreak and tragedy in store, especially for Sukuna's unfortunate vessel.

Pokemon's Ash and Liko in front of Galarian Moltres. 1
Pokémon Horizons' New Protagonist Caught A Pokémon Stronger Than Any Ash Had

Liko of Pokémon Horizons just took into her possession a Pokémon that has power far surpassing anything Ash ever owned, and much earlier, too.

Dragon Ball Super's Pan powering up in front of the Super Hero poster. 1
Dragon Ball Super's Manga Just Erased Super Hero's Best Moment

Though the Dragon Ball Super manga gave Krillin a chance to be a hero, it did so at the cost of killing Pan's moment to shine from the movie.

Kid Deku dreams of becoming a hero 1
My Hero Academia Would Have Been A Lot Better If It Stayed True To Its Premise

My Hero Academia could have been even better by staying true to its premise of a powerless Deku working to become a hero without a Quirk

Vegeta's victory over Goku was flipped in Dragon Ball Super. 1
Vegeta's One Victory Over Goku Was Flipped by Dragon Ball Super

When Vegeta took on the villainous form of Majin Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z, he defeated Goku in a battle that was utterly flipped by Dragon Ball Super.

close up of Yuji from Jujutsu Kaisen 1
Jujutsu Kaisen Proves What Makes Yuji Such A Refreshing Hero With One Scene

Jujutsu Kaisen's protagonist Yuji is a very unique Shonen hero, and his first fight in the Shibuya Incident Arc proves why this is the case.

A Place Further Than The Universe Northern Lights 1
Crunchyroll's Most Motivational Anime Is A Masterpiece More Fans Need To See

Taking relatable characters on an impossible journey, A Place Further Than The Universe connects with viewers in a way that few other stories can.

Vash from Trigun Stampede Standing in front of manga panels. 1
Trigun Stampede's Art Style Isn't Just Ambitious, It's A Game Changer

3D anime are the wave of future, but for the sake of higher quality. An unlikely marriage of two art forms are revolutionizing anime forever.

Sarada in Boruto and Two Blue Vortex 1
Boruto's Sarada Proves Why She'll Never Be Hokage With One Sentence

Sarada has got much of what it takes to be a Hokage, but her lack of confidence in herself proves she has a long way to go for her dream to come true.

Pokémon: Jessie and James’ Tragic Backstories Explained

Team Rocket’s Jessie and James both have extremely tragic, yet very obscure backstories that give enormous depth to Pokémon’s most iconic antagonists.

Goten and Trunks with the androids Gamma from Super Hero 1
Dragon Ball Super Finally Answers The Criticism Over Its Current Arc

The Dragon Ball Super manga finally gives Goten and Trunks their time to shine and begins to set itself apart from the Super Hero movie.

Strike It Rich Manga cover image on Comikey. 1
New All-Female Martial Arts Manga is One Series Action Fans Don't Want to Miss

Yabako Sandrovich's Strike It Rich deserves more attention, whether for its female combatants – or its amusing twist villain.

Meowth in Pokemon 1
Pokémon: Why Meowth Can Talk In The Anime

Meowth has been a constant presence in Team Rocket in the Pokémon anime. How & why is Meowth able to talk & scheme, unlike other Meowths & Pokémon?

Patamon Angemon Digivolution 1
One Digimon's Digivolution is Still the Original Series' Best Moment, & It's Not Close

Angemon's first appearance and decisive victory still stands as the absolute high point of the entire original Digimon series.

Mononoke Darker Demon Slayer 1
Classic Netflix Horror Anime is the Darker Demon Slayer Fans Need to Watch

Streaming breathes new life into a cult classic of supernatural mysteries with the perfect companion series to watch after Demon Slayer.

Luffy and Kizaru 1
One Piece Confirms Gear 5's One Weakness That Proves Luffy Isn't Invincible

Luffy in his Gear 5 form seemed unstoppable but a major weakness seen during his battle against Kaido has just resurfaced again in One Piece.

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