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Weirdest Slice of Life 1
10 Weirdest Slice of Life Anime

Anime is well known for exploring deliberately fanciful, whimsical, and weird spins to be put on the slice of life genre.

Several-anime-series-inspired-by-video-games 1
10 Best Anime Inspired By Video Games

Fans of video games and anime will appreciate these anime series inspired by video games as they offer fans more time to spent in those worlds.

Image of Naruto Shippuden's Akatsuki group standing together under a full moon. Each wearing outfits they wore before officially joining the group. 1
10 Best Akatsuki Fights In Naruto

The fights against members of Akatsuki are some of the coolest in all of Naruto, leading many fans to ask which are the best of the best.

One Piece: Times Luffy Almost Died Featured image 1
15 Times Luffy Came Closest to Dying in One Piece

One Piece's Luffy is known for being nearly impossible to harm, but he's faced down death more than a few times - here are some of the highlights.

Underrated Isekai Anime Featured Image 1
10 Most Underrated Isekai Anime That Deserve More Recognition

Due to the popularity of the isekai theme, many great stories that fall under this category never get the chance to be in the spotlight.

shoujo anime that deserved a second season, featuring maid sama, my little monster, and ouran high school host club 1
10 Shoujo Anime that Deserved a Second Season

These shoujo anime have fluttered many hearts over the years. Their beautiful stories and charming romances are most deserving of a second season.

Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters 1
20 Strongest Jujutsu Kaisen Characters, Ranked

While not everyone in Jujutsu Kaisen cursed energy, the strongest characters have dangerous techniques and high levels of cursed energy.

Anime Mages 1
10 Most Powerful Anime Mages

Fantasy settings may be a dime a dozen, but not all mages are equal. These sorcerers and spellcasters stand at the apex of the anime magic world.

Most Overpowered Isekai Protagonists 1
10 Most Overpowered Isekai Protagonists

Whether they keep their skills from their past lives or are granted special abilities by the gods, these isekai protagonists are unmatched in power.

Kaori from Your Lie in April With a violin and Mafuyu from Given singing. 1
10 Anime with the Best Soundtracks

Good music can greatly enhance the viewing experience of an anime and these anime have some of the best soundtracks in recent history.

Best Studio Mappa Anime Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man 1
15 Best Studio MAPPA Anime

With around 50 anime series, Studio MAPPA's best anime run the absolute gamut from gory action, to unique idol series, and even to standard shonen.

Worst Generation from One Piece Featuring Bege Luffy and Bonney 1
Every Member of One Piece's Worst Generation & Where They Are Now

Although conceived on a whim, the Worst Generation in One Piece was full of vibrant personalities and powers. Here's where they all are now:

Usagi, Naruto, and Goku, to represent the most popular anime characters. 1
10 Most Popular Anime Characters Of All Time

Anime is more popular than ever, and its characters have become renowned. From Naruto to Goku, here are 10 of the most popular anime characters.

Alucard in Hellsing Ultimate. 1
10 Most Iconic Gunslingers In Anime

Gunslingers have come and gone in anime series, with many of them leaving a big impression on fans. But which are the most iconic of them all?

One Piece's Best Arcs 1
One Piece's 25 Best Arcs, Ranked

One Piece is one of the most iconic, beloved, and long-running anime and manga ever. In all of its history, what are the best arcs in the story?

Grave of the Fireflies, Madoka Magica Rebellion, and Akira 1
10 Best Anime Movies

Anime has often produced masterful works in not only TV shows, but in movies, as well, and here are the 10 best anime movies that stand out.

Best Black Anime Characters 1
10 Most Iconic Black Anime Characters

Black characters have become increasingly popular in anime these past few decades and it's partly due to the influence these ten hold.

Best Anime Dragons With Blue Eyes, Dragonite, and Haku 1
15 Best Anime Dragons, Ranked

The best anime dragons are all awe-inspiring creatures who prove why the dragon remains the world's most recognizable mythical creature.

netflixanimebanner 1
10 Best Anime On Netflix Right Now

For those overwhelmed by Netflix's vast catalog, one can check out this quick rundown of the best shows for a good story or fantasic visuals.

Dragon Ball Z's Best Characters Goku, Piccolo, and Vegeta 1
10 Best Dragon Ball Z Characters, Ranked

Dragon Ball Z boasts an impressive cast, with the series' best characters going through character arcs that still stick with fans years later.

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