Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Saw X!


  • Saw X has a post-credits scene, the first in the franchise, that connects to the overall Saw universe and sets up potential future movies.
  • The mid-credits scene brings back Detective Mark Hoffman for a new game, hinting at a continuation of the story in Saw 11.
  • The post-credits scene leaves the door open for new adventures and explores the rivalry between Amanda and Hoffman, potentially setting up further exploration in future prequels.

The Saw franchise returns with another story focused on John Kramer, and Saw X does have a post-credits scene teasing more. The tenth installment in the horror franchise comes two years after the last entry, which marked the first to not include Tobin Bell's Jigsaw. Saw X brings John Kramer back for his biggest role yet, as the movie goes back to nearly the beginning of the series to make Bell's character the hero of the story. In doing so, when Saw X is set in the timeline puts the franchise in a rather unique position when considering the future. The prequel movie takes place before Kramer's ultimate demise.

Although Saw X might come before a majority of the Saw movies chronologically, the movie still has the ability to set up and connect to the franchise's future, whether that is in regard to movies that are already made or a potential Saw 11. The franchise has a knack for leaving the door open for more installments to be made in some fashion, but the movies have never used a post-credits scene to do so. The practice has become much more popular in Hollywood over the years, making it seem likely that it was only a matter of time before the Saw movies would include an after-credits scene.

Saw X Does Have A Post-Credits Scene

Saw X Streaming

It is officially confirmed that Saw X does have a post-credits scene, and it occurs during the mid-credits. This makes it the first Saw movie with an end-credits scene that audiences can elect to wait around for. Without getting into spoilers about what the scene contains, the bonus tag begins midway through the credits and connects to the overall franchise. Waiting for the mid-credits scene also gives audiences a chance to see the names of the writers, actors, and other crew members who worked hard to make the movie possible.

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It is safe to say that fans of the Saw franchise do not want to miss the Saw X end-credits scene. The tag builds on the movie's ending and continues the story for key characters. It also includes massive connections to the overall Saw universe. Considering the movie brings back John Kramer and Amanda (Shawnee Smith) after both of their deaths in Saw III for the prequel story, the possibility to set up where the franchise goes next was always high. The post-credits scene connects to stories audiences already know and leaves the door open for new adventures too.

Saw X's Mid-Credits Scene Brings Back Mark Hoffman For A New Game

Saw Hoffman John Kramer replacement

Following Saw X's ending, the movie's mid-credits scene brings back Detective Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) for the start of a new game. The scene begins as John Kramer has taken Henry Kessler (Michael Beach) and chained him up in the original Saw room. Henry has been targeted as the next player in Jigsaw's games due to his role in lying to John as part of Cecilia Pederson's con. After working primarily with Amanda in Saw X, the post-credits scene brings Hoffman back into the picture. He is shown working with John as they turn on the device strapped to Henry's chest, marking the start of a new game.

Hoffman's return in Saw X is set up throughout the movie. John is heard early on in the movie talking to a detective on the phone, which alludes to Hoffman's part in the plan. The movie then lets audiences hear Mandylor's voice during a second conversation with Tobin Bell's character. After teasing Hoffman in these ways during the movie's main runtime, including him in the mid-credits scene is a natural payoff. It is possible thanks to the movie acting as a prequel and bringing the eventual Jigsaw replacement back to a point where he was simply the apprentice in training.

How Saw X's Post-Credits Sets Up Saw 11

Tobin Bell as Jigsaw and Billy the Puppet in Saw X

The Saw X post-credits scene acts as a potential tease for what Saw 11's story could follow. The Saw movie franchise's timeline can be a bit confusing, but the implication is that the next entry will be another prequel. Saw 11 could follow John Kramer continuing to hunt down anyone who may have played a role in Cecilia's cons, which the movie mentions have gone on for eight years. That gives John and Hoffman plenty of people to find who possibly need to pay for their sins. This would be a good extension of the personal story Saw X gives John and a way to keep both Amanda and Hoffman around.

While Amanda is not present in the Saw X mid-credits scene, she should still factor into the franchise's future if more prequels are done. This could mean Saw 11 exploring more of the rivalry that Amanda and Hoffman naturally had as John's accomplices. This was explored a bit in Saw III before Amanda's death, which Hoffman had a part in setting up. By keeping Saw 11's story before either of the original sequels, the franchise can build on the mid-credits scene in Saw X to further explore Amanda and Hoffman individually, their rivalry, and history with John.