Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 7.


  • Shin's future in the Star Wars franchise is uncertain because her past and motivations have been shrouded in mystery.
  • In Ahsoka episode 7, Shin's fighting style is less savage and purposeful, indicating her confusion and distraction.
  • Ahsoka believes that Shin can be redeemed and offers her help, planting the seed for a potential alliance in the fight against Thrawn and the new Empire.

Ahsoka episode 7 teased a redemption arc might be in store for Shin Hati. Shin (as played by Ivanna Sakhno) is one of the few wholly new characters created for the Ahsoka show. Introduced as Dark Jedi and mercenary Baylan Skoll’s (Ray Stevenson) apprentice, Shin has been a source of frustration for the Mandalorian and Jedi-in-training Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) throughout Ahsoka’s run. The series has revealed little about Shin Hati’s past and motivations, however, and as such, her future in the Star Wars franchise is currently completely open-ended.

Shin’s relationship with her master, in particular, is a mystery. Baylan has his own motivations, and Shin may not be a part of his plan after all. So, if Baylan and Shin were to go their separate ways, could she begin to see a different path for herself? Could she be redeemed and change where her allegiance lies? Ahsoka episode 7 “Part Seven: Dreams and Madness,” seems to hint at the possibility.

5 Shin Never Understood Baylan's Agenda

Baylan Skoll sets his hand on Shin Hati's shoulder in Ahsoka episode 6.

Over the last few episodes of Ahsoka, Baylan has made it clear that he has a different motive for following Morgan Elsbeth to another galaxy. He’s not there to save Thrawn, although he does seem to believe the Grand Admiral will be able to bring the Empire back to its full strength in Star Wars’ prime galaxy. In Ahsoka episode 6, he told Shin that he planned for her to become something more than a Bokken Jedi – a Jedi trained in the wild after the fall of the Order. In Ahsoka episode 7, however, he convinces her to go after Sabine and Ezra Bridger (Eman Esfandi) by herself, telling her to defeat them and take her rightful place within the new Empire.

He never truly tells her what his plans are, only revealing what he feels she needs to know at any given moment. Clearly, he wants no part of the coming Empire – Baylan has spoken of a different presence calling out to him on Peridea. So where does that leave Shin? Without Baylan’s guidance, she’s utterly lost. She wants power, but will the Empire truly give it to her? Her training is not done, either. While she’s skilled with a lightsaber, she’s missing Baylan’s refinement and fluidity. She has yet to tap into her full potential, but her master might be leaving her to her own devices.

4 Shin Didn't Fight With The Same Savagery In Ahsoka Episode 7


Shin’s fighting style throughout the Ahsoka show can only be described as savage. Her swings are powerful and wild, foregoing the acrobatics that the Jedi are known for in favor of brute strength and unrelenting aggression. This style of fighting has allowed her to defeat Sabine in the past, and there are moments where that part of her shines through in the battle during Ahsoka episode 7, particularly when she Force-pushes Ezra against one of the Noti’s pods and when she briefly engages Ahsoka (Rosario Dawson) in combat. But this is not the same Shin – it’s clear that her mind is elsewhere, most likely wondering why her master decided to leave her on her own. Her strikes are not as strong, and her movements aren’t as purposeful.

3 Ahsoka Believes Shin Can Be Redeemed

Ahsoka in episode 7

Ahsoka episode 7 indicates that Ahsoka herself sensed Shin’s hesitation, too. Ahsoka is easily able to block a few of Shin’s attacks, and once Thrawn’s forces are in retreat, Shin is uncertain of her purpose there and stops fighting, too. She’s the odd one out in that situation – the stormtroopers aren’t hers to command, and Sabine, Ahsoka, and Ezra are a united front. Confusion and anxiety are written clearly on her face. Ahsoka, having seen this, offers her a way out: “I can help you,” she said in true Jedi fashion, extending an olive branch toward an enemy whose path is unclear. Shin declined Ahsoka’s generous offer, but the seed has now been planted, and Shin may look for Ahsoka in the upcoming chaos of Thrawn’s return to Star Wars’ prime galaxy.

2 Shin Doesn't Know Where She Belongs

Ahsoka invites Shin Hati to seek redemption in Ahsoka episode 7.

After the events of Ahsoka episode 7, Shin is completely alone. Baylan is nowhere to be found. All she has is her lightsaber, a Howler to ride, and an uncertain future. At the moment, she can’t even be sure she’ll be able to get back to her own galaxy. So where does that leave her? She has a thirst for power, but no way to find it. She’s a Force-user with no one left to teach her. Shin doesn’t know where she belongs, but if she seeks belonging, she now knows she might be able to find it with Ahsoka, and even Sabine and Ezra.

Surely, there’s a touch of pride within Shin, and she’ll have a hard time letting go of the future she thought she was destined for. But feeling a sense of belonging is a powerful thing, and Shin is nothing if not loyal to her master. If he leaves her for greater power, if it turns out she was just a means to an end, she might be tempted to switch sides and redeem herself, possibly even helping in the inevitable fight against Thrawn and the new Empire.

Shin’s loneliness and need to belong would echo Ben Solo/Kylo Ren’s arc in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, as well. He was corruptible because he believed his parents and uncle had given up on him, but in the end, he still returned to the light because he found someone else to believe in him, namely Rey. Perhaps Ahsoka, or maybe even Sabine, could do the same for Shin.

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1 Can Sabine Reach Shin When Ahsoka Couldn't?

Shin Hati and Sabine Wren in Ahsoka

There’s a possibility that Sabine will be the one to reach out to Shin in the end, if Ahsoka’s attempt in episode 7 turns out to be unsuccessful. Despite being enemies, Sabine and Shin have a lot in common. They’re both training to be Force-wielders in a galaxy in which the Jedi, the Sith, and the Inquisitors are all but extinct, they’re both undeniably loyal, and each of them finds strength by tapping into their anger. They could potentially learn from one another.

As Huyang has repeatedly said, Sabine is not the perfect candidate to become a Jedi. Shin, equally, is not a Sith nor an Inquisitor – instead, she’s something in between, a Dark Jedi whose training is incomplete. They might be able to find common ground, and the show has already established that there is an intense undercurrent to their relationship – rivalry and jealousy fuels them both. Now that Sabine has finally been reunited with Ezra and she knows Ahsoka survived her duel with Baylan, they could start over with a clean slate. If Thrawn returns to their home galaxy in Ahsoka and the Empire tries to rise again, Sabine, Ahsoka, Ezra, Hera, and the rest of the New Republic will need all the allies they can get.

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