Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Saw X!


  • The Saw X ending reveals John Kramer's elaborate plan and final game, involving revenge and deadly traps for those who tricked him.
  • The movie is the most personal for Tobin Bell's character, exploring his life after a failed cancer treatment and his mission for revenge.
  • The final game involves poisonous gas, a fight for survival, and a twist where John and Amanda free themselves, leaving Cecilia locked in the room.

The Saw X ending delivers another classic Jigsaw twist as the full scope of John Kramer's plan and final game are revealed. The tenth entry in the Saw franchise is the most personal movie yet for Tobin Bell's character. Set between the events of Saw and Saw II, the new movie focuses on Kramer's life after an experimental procedure to cure his cancer proves to be a hoax. This brings him and Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith) to begin a new mission to get revenge on the people who tricked John in the hopes of giving them a new outlook on life if they can survive the deadly traps they have planned.

The lead-up to how the movie ends is filled with killing Saw X's cast members and unexpected reveals. The third act really kicks into high gear after Gabriela (Renata Vaca) survives her game, but Parker Sears (Steven Brand) proves to be aligned with Dr. Cecilia Pederson (Synnøve Macody Lund). Cecilia kills Gabriela out of spite and has Parker put John and Amanda in traps along with an innocent boy named Carlos. It is only after Cecilia and Parker believe they have outsmarted John Kramer that they discover the true final game that Jigsaw planned. It all leads to Saw X ending its story with a satisfying finale.

John Kramer's True Plan & Final Game In Saw X Explained

Saw X Post Credits Scene

The full extent of John Kramer's plan and his final game are not revealed until the closing moments of Saw X. He and Carlos are chained to a metal table floating in the air and blood-boarded as a means of torture, while Amanda is helplessly chained to the ground - or so it seemed. This gives Cecilia and Parker a chance to go get the money that John stole from them after thinking they bested him. Once they take the bag they think the money is in, John's final game begins, as Saw X confirms that Cecilia and Parker were always meant to be the final test subjects in this Jigsaw trap.

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The final Saw X trap begins as poisonous gas begins to fill the room that Cecilia and Parker are trapped in. They are not both destined to die per Jigsaw's rules, as there is one hole in the wall that someone's head can fit through to breathe until the 10-minute timer expires and the gas shuts off. Despite the supposed love that Cecilia and Parker share, a fight for survival breaks out between them. Amanda's prediction that Cecilia would kill Parker comes true as she stabs him in the chest repeatedly. This allows the con artist doctor to keep her head out of the room until the gas shuts off.

As Cecilia and Parker fight for their lives, Amanda and John take off the chains that are supposedly binding them, revealing that they are not in any real danger and are always in control throughout Saw X's low-budget story. They free Carlos from the other end of the trap, and he is even given the bag of cash that Cecilia had as a reward for surviving the event. This allows all three of them to leave the warehouse safely and alive, as Cecilia is left locked in the room with no means of escape.

How John & Amanda's Final Game Was Meant To Happen

Amanda removing her pig mask in Saw X

While the final game in Saw X ultimately gets the result that John and Amanda planned for, the way that it got there was not as expected. They knew about Parker's true affiliation with Cecilia the entire time and planned on his arrival to save her. The plan was always for Parker and Cecilia to wind up in the control room looking for the money as they think they've won. The part that went awry was Carlos becoming part of the game. This is because John and Amanda took too long to get to the final game, resulting in Carlos waking up early as usual and beginning to practice his soccer skills.

The way that John and Amanda's final game was supposed to happen did not involve Carlos at all. They expected that the two of them would be put on the table and partake in the blood-boarding game. It was only going to be after Cecilia and Parker went up to the control room and triggered the start of the actual final game that they would unlock themselves from the trap. Instead, Amanda and John had to prevent Carlos from interfering with their plan too much.

How John Knew About Parker Sears & Cecilia Pederson's Relationship


The Saw X twist about the true nature of Parker Sears and Cecilia Pederson's relationship is likely to come as a surprise to audiences, but it is not one to John and Amanda. John learned the truth about Parker Sears' identity after torturing the taxi driver Diego, who revealed the supposed throat cancer patient was actually in on the con. John then used future Jigsaw replacement Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) to help locate Parker, although he warned that they could not bring him in as easily. That is why John and Amanda planted the phone in the room within reach of Cecilia, as he knew she would call him for help.

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What Happens To Cecilia Pederson After Saw X's Ending?

Saw X Cecilia Pederson

One of the big unanswered questions in Saw X is what happens to Cecilia Pederson now. She is the survivor of John's final game, which under his usual rules would mean that she is set free and given a chance to rehabilitate in the real world. However, there is no indication that Cecilia can escape the room that John and Amanda leave her in. It is possible that Cecilia's fate will not be explained until Saw 11. On one hand, she should be freed based on Jigsaw's past and his usual rules. However, it is possible they are content letting her die despite beating the game since she killed Gabriela.

Why John Gives Carlos The Money

John in a dark room in Saw X

A big moment at the end of Saw X comes as John decides to give Carlos the money that he and Amanda were meant to take after the final game. Although John has never done his games for a cash reward, him giving away the money is still somewhat surprising considering he lost $250,000 to Cecilia's con. It would be understandable for him to keep the money, but he ultimately decides to give it to Carlos. It appears that John's decision comes from being proud of the young boy, as he praises his warrior spirit. The cash stolen back from Cecilia will seemingly be used so Carlos and his family can start a new life.

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How Saw X's Ending & Post-Credits Set Up Saw 11

Saw X Streaming

The future of the Saw franchise is set up through the final moments and Saw X's post-credits scene. The scene shows John Kramer and Hoffman reunited in the classic Saw room it appears as they begin a new game on Henry Kessler, a supposed survivor of Pederson's experiment who was actually in on the con. Since Saw X takes place between Saw and Saw II, the scene is another indication of the other Jigsaw victims that could exist. It is possible that Saw 11 will continue this story and give Hoffman a more prominent role following Amanda's role in Saw X.

The Real Meaning Of Saw X's Ending

John in the Saw X trailer

Thanks to a more personal story at the heart of Saw X, the movie's themes evolve a bit beyond the standard. The Saw movies are always about the will to survive and uncovering the dirty truths that people try to hide. Saw X is ultimately about a lack of compassion being the death of people. John notes that Parker and Cecilia both are willing to let other people die if it means their survival, while they also inflict more pain on people through their lies and deception.