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Cooper Hood is a passionate movie watcher and writer based out of Indiana. He graduated college in 2016 with a Bachelor's degree in Media & Public Communication, with a minor in Media Production. When he is not writing or watching movies, Cooper is spending time with friends and family, playing sports and board games, and taking care of his dog.

Industry Focus

Cooper began working for Screen Rant in 2016 after becoming a Marvel expert from his time developing his own MCU blog and writing for MCU Exchange. He became the Theatrical Movies Editor in 2023 after spending years covering major new releases, favorite franchises, and movies hoping to earn Academy Award nominations.

Favorite Media

Cooper has a love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has driven his journalism career. He also is a huge fan of the Mission: Impossible franchise and anything Tom Cruise does. Other favorite movie franchises include DC, Star Wars, Creed, and Hunger Games. He frequently spends time doing marathon rewatches for franchises or directors in preparation for new releases.

Saw X Post Credits Scene 1
Saw X's Mid-Credits Scene Explained

Saw X brings the popular franchise back, but is there a post-credits scene teasing the future or past of the Saw movies? The answer is already known.

Saw X Ending Explained 1
Saw X Twist Ending Explained

Saw X's ending is filled with death and twists, as the full extent of John Kramer's plan and final Jigsaw game comes to light. Here's what happens.

The Creator Post Credits Scene 1
Does The Creator Have A Post-Credits Scene?

The Creator is a new sci-fi movie that is not connected to a franchise, but does it have a post-credits scene setting up the start of one?

The Creator Reviews Rotten Tomatoes Score 1
Why The Creator's Reviews Are So Positive

The Creator has received incredibly positive reviews from critics, and they reveal why Gareth Edwards' sci-fi movie has a high Rotten Tomatoes score.

Saw X Timeline 1
When Saw X Takes Place In The Saw Timeline

Saw X brings back Tobin Bell's John Kramer to explore more of Jigsaw's life, raising questions about when it takes place in the Saw movie timeline.

The Creator Budget Box Office Prediction 1
How Much The Creator Cost To Make & What Box Office It Needs

The Creator looks like a massive Hollywood blockbuster, but Gareth Edwards' movie was made on a much smaller budget to become a box office hit.

Most Anticipated Movies Fall 2023 1
Most Anticipated Movies Of Fall 2023

The year might be almost over, but there are plenty of exciting movies still releasing this fall. Here are the most anticipated movies of Fall 2023.

Custom image of Deadpool and a heart involving Wade and Wolverine in a Deadpool 3 set photo. 1
Deadpool 3: Release Date, Cast & Everything We Know

Marvel Studios is making Deadpool 3 as part of the MCU. Here's everything we know about the R-rated sequel starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson.

Saw X Streaming 1
When Will Saw X Release On Streaming?

The Saw franchise returns to theaters in September 2023, but here is when Saw X will release on streaming and Digital so viewers can watch it at home.

The Creator John David Washington 1
When Will The Creator Release On Streaming?

Gareth Edwards and John David Washington's original sci-fi movie debuts in theaters, but here is when The Creator releases on streaming and digital.

Why There Was Never A Sequel To The Losers

Warner Bros. movie adaptation of the popular Vertigo comic came out in 2010, and here's why The Losers never got the sequel its ending set up.

Expendables 4 Reviews Rotten Tomatoes Worse 1
Why Expendables 4's Reviews Are So Much Worse Than The Last 3 Movies

The Expendables 4's reviews are much worse than the last three movies in the franchise for a few different reasons based on Rotten Tomatoes scores.

Dumb Money Keith Gill Money Made Net Worth 1
How Much Money Keith Gill Made From GameStop Stocks

Dumb Money's main character Keith Gill stood to make millions from GameStop's stocks. Here's how much money he made and his current net worth.

Dumbledore and the rest of the cast of Fantastic Beasts 2 1
How To Watch The Fantastic Beasts Movies In Order: By Release Date & Chronologically

With 11 movies, watching every Wizarding World film is a satisfying marathon. Here are the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies in order.

Dumb Money Ending Explained 1
How High GameStop's Stock Price Got & What It Costs Now

The GameStop stock price reached record highs during the short squeeze Dumb Money explores. Here is how high the price got and what it costs now.

Expendables 4 Ending Explained 1
The Expendables 4 Ending Explained: How THAT Character Returns

The Expendables 4 delivers some surprises and twists during the movie's ending, as Ocelot's identity is revealed and a major character returns.

Expendables 4 Post-Credits Scene 1
Does The Expendables 4 Have A Post-Credits Scene?

The Expendables 4 might not be the end of the franchise, but is there a post-credits scene after the movie that audiences need to stick around for?

Dumb Money Ending Explained Keith Gill GameStop 1
Dumb Money Ending Explained: What Happened To Keith Gill & GameStop

Dumb Money chronicles the true story of Keith Gill and the rise of GameStop's stock price, but the ending only teases what happens to everyone after.

Peacemaker John Cena with Eagly 1
Peacemaker (2022)
Everything We Know About Peacemaker Season 2

James Gunn and John Cena's hit DC TV show has ended its first season. Here's everything we know about Peacemaker season 2's story, cast, and release.

Dumb Money Post-Credits Scene 1
Does Dumb Money Have A Post-Credits Scene?

Dumb Money tackles the true story of GameStop stocks and Keith Gill, but does the movie have a post-credits scene that audiences need to wait for?

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