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Joe Anthony Myrick-

Joe Anthony Myrick

About Joe Anthony Myrick

Joe Anthony Myrick (or JAM) is a comics writer who specializes in, of course, covering the big figureheads of the industry (Marvel and DC), as well as lesser-known indy parties and some personal favorites like BOOM! Studios. 

Industry Focus

JAM is a member of the comics team.

Favorite Media

JAM covers all facets and quirks of the comic industry, but especially is a fan of BOOM! Studios' Buffy and Power Rangers series. Also, he indulges in the horror genre, currently reading The Neighbors. 

Static Shock cartoon vs modern 1
Static's Nemesis Knows What Separates the Modern Version from His '00s Cartoon

The biggest difference between Static and his 2000s animated counterpart lies in their motivations to be heroes. Does this hurt the 2023 version?

Exclusive Breathtaking Cover Artists Assemble For Jock's GONE 1 From DSTLRY 1
Exclusive: Breathtaking Cover Artists Assemble For Jock's GONE #1 From DSTLRY

Jock has called in a team of all-star comic artists to create variant covers for his upcoming creator-owned series Gone, a sci-fi tale from DSTLRY.

Spider-Woman Diamondback Netflix Marvel 1
New Spider-Woman Series Will Give a Netflix Villain the Love He Deserves

Marvel's upcoming new Spider-Woman ongoing series will also mark the return of a familiar villain from Netflix's MCU continuity: Diamondback!

wolverine healing factor science 1
Marvel Just Redefined A Huge Aspect of Wolverine's Healing Factor

Wolverine's healing factor has evolved over the years, with new creators continuing to introduce different limitations to Logan's power.

Age of Ultron why Hulk hates Banner 1
"He'd Like To See Me Obliterated": Hulk Lore Gets Even Darker As Marvel Changes Bruce's Transformations

Bruce Banner and the Hulk have often been at odds, but recently their struggle for dominion over their shared body has grown more intense than ever.

Brie larson captain marvel 2 cyclops 1
Cyclops vs Captain Marvel Exposes Scott Summers' True Power

The big fight pitting the leader of the X-Men against the leader of the Avengers reveals Cyclops' true power to those who would doubt him.

Grootfall Monster with guardians feature image 1
Guardians of the Galaxy Finally Reveals Why Groot Turned Evil

Guardians of the Galaxy #6 finds the team in their most precarious position ever, giving them time to reflect on the tragic events that led there.

Marvel Superheroes in Crayon Style 1
Exclusive: The SUPER HERO'S JOURNEY Gives Marvel's Silver Age Heroes A New Purpose

The Marvel heroes of the the publisher's revolutionary '60s era are given an entirely new purpose in The Super Hero's Journey by Patrick McDonnell.

Blade and Bloodline 1
Blade's Daughter Teams Up With Spider-Man For Her Biggest Superhero Test Yet

The hero career of Blade's daughter Bloodline continues to rise thanks to her first superhero team-up with none other than Miles Morales' Spider-Man.

spider-man kill kraven peter parker 1
Forgotten D-List Marvel Villain Returns to Help Spider-Man Kill Kraven

A D-list villain from Spider-Man's past has returned to help him kill one of his A-list villains — and he's scarier than he's ever been before.

uncanny spider-man x-men nightcrawler powers 1
"The Hellcrawler": Marvel's New Spider-Man Just Coined the Coolest Codename Possible

The X-Man Nightcrawler has started fighting crime as the Uncanny Spider-Man, but one suggested nickname may fit Kurt Wagner's new persona even better.

AAlan Scott Green Lantern stares at his reflection in the mirror 1
DC's New Green Lantern Origin Story Redefines One of Its Oldest Heroes

DC Comics will recontextualize the earliest adventures of Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern with a new series from writer Tim Sheridan.

Kingdom Come Superman and Batman return 1
"Heir to the Kingdom": Batman & Superman Travel to the Kingdom Come Universe in Official Prequel

Kingdom Come, the iconic classic four-issue miniseries from 1996 returns to DC's forefront as main canon Batman and Superman meet their counterparts.

Daredevil Regains His Sight 1
Daredevil's Super-Senses Just Got Their Darkest Upgrade of All Time

Daredevil has always had enhanced vision, but his latest upgrade enhances his abilities even further.

Iron Man with the Avengers in Endgame poster 1
Avengers: Twilight Teases the Final Mission of Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Earth's Mightiest Heroes as we know them may cease to exist as Marvel teases the end of the Avengers.

captain america shocked at allies 1
Captain America Gets a Controversial New Job in Marvel Lore

Steve Rogers practically cements himself as the ultimate symbol of America by taking on one of the most hated jobs in American history.

Batgirl Harley Quinn crossover 1
Batman '89 Sequel Teases First Look at Tim Burton's Batgirl

The sequel to Batman' 89 appears set to serve up another fascinating continuation of Tim Burton's film adaptations, with Batgirl set to appear next.

Tony and Emma stand in wedding attire, flanked by their hero friends. 1
Iron Man and Emma Frost's Marriage Is the Opposite of What Fans Expected

The wedding of Tony Stark and Emma Frost is already off to a rocky start, but a wedding marred with surprises could also be ending in doom.

Doc Samson from 2008's Incredible hulk movie. 1
1 Forgotten MCU Hero Returns as Marvel's Ultimate Therapist

A forgotten character from the MCU finally gets to be the hero to the heroes that he was destined to be. Not a superhero, but a super therapist.

colossus x-force 1
Colossus Just Became the Biggest Traitor in Mutant History (With a Huge Body Count)

Colossus has been under the control of his evil brother Mikhail for some time now, turning him into one of mutantkind's greatest traitors.

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