• Wolverine gets a horrifying power upgrade from the Phoenix Force in Jean Grey #2, multiplying the power of his claws to deadly effect.
  • The Phoenix-imbued Wolverine has adamantium spikes growing from his body and can shoot burning spikes, making him a killing machine.
  • This is not the first time Wolverine has been connected to the Phoenix Force, but the Logan in Jean Grey #2 lacks the self-control needed to survive a merger with the powerful force.

Warning: contains spoilers for Jean Grey #2The X-Men's iconic Wolverine, known for his deadly adamantium claws and berserker rage, just got a horrific power upgrade courtesy of the destructive Phoenix Force. Through a simple tweak of history in Jean Grey #2, Marvel has shown the twisted power that Logan would obtain had he become possessed by the powerful Phoenix Force instead of Jean.

After Jean Grey's tragic death at the hands of Moira X during this year's Hellfire Gala, the Omega-level telepath has been astrally projecting herself through time, hoping to edit a key point in history to give her the power she needs to return to the present and defeat Orchis.

Jean Grey #2 Phoenix Wolverine killing soldiers

In Jean Grey #2, from iconic X-Men writer Louise Simonson and artists Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo, Jean attempts to intervene on the first time the Phoenix Force attaches itself to her, instead having it possess the new X-Man Wolverine. Logan soon loses control of the Force, becoming his own version of Dark Phoenix, an upgrade that greatly multiplies the power of his classic claws, to deadly effect.

Wolverine's Hot Claws Get A Terrifying Upgrade As Phoenix

Wolverine uses his hot claws in Marvel Comics.

Jean originally merged with the Phoenix Force after saving the X-Men from crashing into Earth at the end of a mission into space, but in Jean Grey #2 the telepath changes this moment, allowing Logan to save them because of his impressive healing factor. While the Phoenix is able to keep Wolverine alive, the entity almost immediately overwhelms the iconic berserker, since the Force engaged with a host's emotions and Logan was crazed with anger after his memories of Weapon X's experimentation were restored. Immediately flying off to Canada to slaughter his torturers, Jean and Cyclops sneak away from the rest of the X-Men to follow the Phoenix-imbued Wolverine.

Wolverine has experienced many upgrades over the years, but one of his most iconic was the debut of his fiery "hot claws" upon his resurrection in 2018's Return of Wolverine. The Phoenix upgrade that Logan receives in Jean Grey amps up these hot claws to another level, because not only does Phoenix Wolverine have adamantium claws that burn with the white-hot power of the Phoenix... but he has these adamantium spikes growing from all over his body! Jean and Scott then witness Wolverine shooting these burning spikes from his body in an unending barrage, slaughtering the Weapon X soldiers around him like the world's deadliest porcupine, and almost killing them as well.

Old Man Phoenix Has Existed In The Multiverse For Years

old man phoenix wolverine flying and on fire

Surprisingly, this is not the first time Wolverine has been connected to the Phoenix Force. Old Man Phoenix debuted in 2017's Marvel Legacy #1 as a Multiversal variant of Wolverine who had gained the powers of the Phoenix Force after the death of his universe. Old Man Phoenix has been a major part of several tales since, including Infinity Watch and Jason Aaron's Avenger. However, this older and wise Logan has way more control over the Force than the Logan from Jean Grey ever does, since this Wolverine lacks much of the experience and growth he would eventually develop during his time with the X-Men.

While Logan is able to use his own hot claws to kill himself and save Jean from a Dark Phoenix Wolverine, he ultimately has nowhere near the self-control or stability needed to survive a full merger with the Phoenix Force. Although Wolverine has experienced many intense upgrades during his time with the X-Men, his brief time as the Phoenix shows just how destructive and out-of-control Logan could become with a primordial power attached to him.

Jean Grey #2 from Marvel Comics is available now in stores.