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Alex Schlesinger is a Social Worker, social work trainer, and freelance Comics News journalist based out of Seattle, Washington. While Alex is new to journalism, his time at Screen Rant has quickly made writing a passion, particularly when he gets to write about the X-Men or queer-focused comics from LGBTQIA+ creators. 

Industry Focus

As a Comic News writer for Screen Rant, Alex's main focus is on Marvel Comics news, theories, and analysis, although he will also write about anything DC Black Label. Alex also loves to write about exciting new covers, fanart, and cosplay, inspired by beloved Marvel and DC heroes and villains. 

Favorite Media

In particular, Alex's writing for Screen Rant focuses on the X-Men, after his love for Marvel's Merry Mutants was reignited following 2019s House of X/Powers of X relaunch. After nearly two years writing for Screen Rant, Alex has written over 400 articles about the X-Men, and he has ZERO plans to stop!

Jean Grey #2 Simonson Variant Cover Wolverine as Phoenix 1
Wolverine's Dark Phoenix Upgrade Makes His Adamantium Claws 10 Times More Deadly

Jean Grey #2 sees Wolverine merging with the Phoenix Force instead of Jean, giving Logan a truly destructive upgrade to his already powerful claws.

Poison Ivy Dan Mora with Pregnant Ivy #18-1 1
Poison Ivy’s Surprise Pregnancy Signals Her Horrific New Future

Jessica Fong's cover for Poison Ivy #18 reveals that Ivy could be pregnant with a monster, hinting at a terrifying new future for the iconic antihero.

Director Vulture with MCU Vulture Featured Image 1
Marvel Confirms Spider-Man's Most Evil Villain (& The MCU Is Wasting Him)

Uncanny Spider-Man reveals that Orchis has hired Peter Parker's long-time foe Vulture, whose vile actions prove he is Spider-Man's most evil villain.

Original X-Men Angel Wings shirtless with New Dark X-Men skkull look 1
Angel's Horrifying New Form Turns the Founding X-Men Hero into Nightmare Fuel

Dark X-Men #2 sees Orchis' deranged variant of Madelyne Pryor forcibly transforming the X-Men's Angel into a twisted and murderous version of Death.

Juggernaut beaten and battered 1
15 X-Men You Didn't Know Can Beat Juggernaut

Former villain Cain Marko, known to the X-Men as the Juggernaut, is infamous for being "unstoppable," but that doesn't mean he cannot be beaten.

Cable (2008) #2 Bishop attacking Cable and Hope 1
X-Men's Bishop & Cable Work Way Better As Partners Than Enemies

Children of the Vault has proven that Bishop and Cable, mortal enemies since X-Men: Messiah Complex, work much better as reluctant heroic partners.

Movie Venom in foreground and Hitler from Venom #25 in background 1
Venom's Darkest Twist Yet Makes Him Completely & Permanently Irredeemable

Venom #25 sees Eddie Brock and Doom traveling to 1942 where Eddie distracts Flexo, accidentally causing a dark twist that could have changed history.

Resurrection of Magneto Featured Image 1
X-Men's Ultimate Antihero Officially Returns in "Resurrection of Magneto"

Marvel's most iconic antihero returns next year in "Resurrection of Magneto" from Al Ewing and Luciano Vecchio, as Magneto revives to save the X-Men.

Immortal Thor #5 Main Cover by Alex Ross featuring the new Thor Corps 1
Thor's All-God, All-Thor Team Officially Return as Marvel's Most Powerful Heroes

A new cover for Immortal Thor #5 from the talented Alex Ross reveals Thor leading a powerful new Thor Corps into battle against the Elder God Toranos.

x-men emma frost fall of x 1
"Fall of the House of X": X-Men Officially Announces the Final Battle of the Krakoan Age

Marvel reveals that Krakoa's final battle against their enemies will come in January, with "Fall of the House of X" and "Rise of the Powers of X."

Sasuke smiles evilly amid a purple haze in Naruto Shippuden 1
Naruto's Creator Has a Genius Answer For Whether Sasuke Is A Hero Or Villain

Naruto's creator has actually answered one of the biggest debates among his fans, on whether Sasuke should be considered a hero or a villain.

Children of the Vault #1 with Bishop and Cable Featured Image 1
“Become the Future”: Marvel’s New Heroes Are Killing Humanity with Hope

As Marvel's Children of the Vault continue to prove to humanity they are valiant heroes, Cable discovers the Children's terrible true plans for Earth.

Close up of X-Men character Polaris using powers in the comics 1
Polaris Cosplay Unleashes the Jaw-Dropping Power of Magneto's Daughter

A cosplay image of the X-Men's Polaris from Diamond Bullet and Pat Loika honors the breathtaking ability and green aesthetic of Magneto's daughter.

Black Surfer and MCU Thanos 1
Thanos' Final Enemy Returns, as the Black Surfer Enters Marvel's Main Continuity

Silver Surfer: Rebirth Legacy will see the Silver Surfer attempt to save Thanos from the wrath of the Fallen One, a future Mjolnir-wielding Surfer.

Captain Britan and Polaris in Krakoa era costumes 1
Polaris & Captain Britain Fanart Gives Mutant Heroes Jaw-Dropping New Costumes

The artist Sway reveals two gorgeous redesigns of the beloved X-Men heroes Polaris and Captain Britain, giving Lorna and Betsy stunning new looks.

SW #8 Cover Loki and Scarlet Witch 1
Scarlet Witch’s Perfect Soulmate Isn't Vision - It's Loki

Scarlet Witch #8 sees Wanda travel to Loki's Asgardian realm and fight in a battle of truth, revealing that in another life they could fall in love.

Apocalypse and the X-Men. 1
Apocalypse Returns To Villain Status by Enslaving Two Key X-Men

Immortal X-Men #15 teases the terrible return of Apocalypse, seen acting as a true villain once again, with Wolverine and Jean Grey bound in chains.

Wonder Woman in the DCEU and the Amazons in Marvel Comics 1
Wonder Woman's Amazons Threaten to Cause DC's Next Major Apocalypse

Birds of Prey #1 reveals Black Canary and her new team's deadly mission... to save her adopted sister Sin from the Amazons before they end the world.

Justice League Batman Carrying Blue Beetle 1
DC Threatens to Kill a Justice League Icon (for the Second Time)

Blue Beetle #1 sees a mysterious and clearly evil Scarab seemingly murder Ted Kord, who was famously killed in 2005's Countdown to Infinite Crisis.

peter parker cosmic entities 1
"G.O.D.S Walk Among Us": Marvel's Cosmic Gods Reveal Their Secret 'Peter Parker' Identities

G.O.D.S. creator Jonathan Hickman revealed that iconic Marvel cosmic entities, like the In-Betweener and Eternity, can walk on Earth in human form.

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