Warning! This article contains spoilers for The Creator.


  • Alphie, the AI child in "The Creator," is based on Joshua's unborn baby with his wife Maya, who was thought to be dead.
  • Maya, Joshua's wife, is revealed as the titular Creator and is the one who created Alphie as a means to end the human-AI war.
  • The relationship between Joshua and Alphie is crucial to the story as it adds emotional weight, explores the idea of coexistence between humans and AI, and sparks Joshua's journey of acceptance and love for AI.

The Creator's core duo of Joshua and Alphie are thrust together amid a human-AI war, but how are the two connected? The Creator is set in the near future in an alternate version of Earth where AI has become commonplace. Robots and other kinds of artificial intelligence are heavily prominent in societies across the world before the AI detonates a nuclear warhead in the heart of Los Angeles. This starts a war between the United States and the AI, with ex-special forces agent Joshua sent into the AI-friendly country of New Asia to find a supposed world-ending weapon crafted by the titular Creator.

Joshua eventually finds this world-ending weapon only to realize it is an AI in the form of a child. Joshua and the child quickly begin to bond leading to Joshua dubbing her Alphie. Over the course of The Creator's story, the two grow closer together which adds emotional weight to the visually stunning sci-fi epic with these elements combining to explain The Creator's positive Rotten Tomatoes reviews. While growing closer together, Joshua and Alphie learn that they are closer connected than first thought, begging the question of how this is the case.

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Alphie Is Based On Joshua & Maya's Unborn Baby

Alphie looking at a machine in The Creator

In the third act of The Creator, it is revealed that Alphie is based on Joshua's unborn baby with Maya, his wife. Maya is revealed as the titular Creator later in the film after being thought dead in The Creator's opening scene. Upon her supposed death, Maya was pregnant with Joshua's child, leaving Joshua to grieve for both his wife and unborn baby. However, it is revealed that Maya survived the events of The Creator's opening scenes and created an AI child - Alphie.

As such, Alphie sees Maya as its mother, leading to a strong connection between her and Joshua. That said, their connection goes even deeper. In The Creator, it is disclosed that Maya based Alphie on a scan of her unborn embryo. This essentially makes Alphie Joshua's child despite being a "sim" - the film's dubbing for AI creations - and strengthens their bond for The Creator's explosive finale.

Joshua's Wife Maya Created Alphie

Gemma Chan as Maya in The Creator

The connection between Joshua and Alphie is also deepened when the former finds out that Maya created the latter. The opening scene of The Creator shows Joshua undercover to find the location of the titular AI leader who was believed to be Maya's father. Joshua married Maya as a means of finding the Creator only to actually fall in love with her. At the beginning of the film, Joshua's allies storm his village searching for the Creator which results in the seeming death of Maya.

However, Ken Watanabe's Harun reveals to Joshua later in the film that Maya created Alphie a few days prior to this attack. The reason for Alphie's creation was Maya's wish to end the human-AI war. Alphie was created with the ability to control all forms of weaponry in order to eventually destroy NOMAD, a deadly U.S. space station, and allow humans and AI to live in peace together. This makes Maya's creation of Alphie much more meaningful both in terms of The Creator's wider themes and to Joshua.

Why Joshua & Alphie's Relationship Is So Important To The Creator

the creator joshua alphie

Concerning why Joshua and Alphie's relationship is so vital to The Creator's story, there are several reasons. The first is simply to bring the film a sense of emotional weight. The film is fantastically crafted in a visual sense with an amazing integration of CGI and well-fleshed-out worldbuilding. That said, The Creator could have easily fallen into the trap of simply being a well-crafted yet emotionally stunted story. Through Joshua and Alphie's connection though, The Creator has more of an emotional impact by the film's finale.

When concerning the context of the story, Joshua and Alphie's relationship parallels the broader tensions between humans and AI. The film’s themes are centered on the idea that the AI sims are real people with feelings, emotions, and connections to both humans and other AI creations. As such, including Joshua and Alphie's relationship helps sell this idea and allows the audience to buy into the fact that humans and AI can coexist.

Through Joshua's paternal bond with Alphie, he realizes that AI creations are not the emotionless robots he thought they were. This also extends to his wife Maya. Maya was the titular Creator, someone he had been trained to destroy. Through falling in love with her, Joshua becomes more open to the idea of living among AI in peace. This is bolstered when he discovers that his unborn child has essentially been birthed through Alphie. This leads him on an emotional journey of acceptance of AI, spearheaded by the love he begins to form for Alphie and their relationship together by The Creator's ending.