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Privacy Policy

Last updated: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

CodeProject is committed to protecting your privacy and to developing technology that gives you the most powerful and secure online experience.

This privacy statement explains data collection and use practices of CodeProject and CodeProject's website (the "Site") (for purposes of this privacy policy, CodeProject and the Site shall collectively, be referred to as "We" or "CodeProject").

The "Site" refers to and all other Web properties owned or operated by CodeProject now and in the future (or anything that replaces, supplements, or supersedes the Web as the site of CodeProject).

By providing personal information to CodeProject, you are consenting to the information collection and use practices described in this privacy statement.



As part of our commitment to treat your personal information with respect, we operate in accordance with the following ten principles (the "Principles"):

Principle 1 - Accountability
Principle 2 - Identifying Purposes
Principle 3 - Consent
Principle 4 - Limiting Collection
Principle 5 - Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention
Principle 6 - Accuracy
Principle 7 - Safeguarding Customer Information
Principle 8 - Openness
Principle 9 - Customer Access
Principle 10 - Handling Customer Complaints and Suggestions

Principle 1 - Accountability

We will maintain and protect the personal information under our control. We have designated an individual who is accountable for compliance with the Principles. If you have questions about our privacy statement or our use of your information, or if you need help changing your personal information or to opt-out, please contact us by sending e-mail to or contacting us at:

20 Bay Street, 11th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J 2N8
ph. +1 (416) 849-8900

Principle 2 - Identifying Purposes

The purposes for which personal information is collected by us will be identified to you before or at the time the information is collected.

Principle 3 - Consent

Except where required or permitted by law your informed consent is required for our collection, use or disclosure of your personal information.

Principle 4 - Limiting Collection

The personal information collected by us shall be limited to those details necessary for the purposes identified to you. To that end, please note the following description of the type of information collected and the reason we collect such information. CodeProject does not require any financial or payment information. Additionally CodeProject does not intentionally collect information from any individual under the age of 13 years.

Additionally, none of the material or advertising on CodeProject is intended to attract audiences under the age of 13, and as such CodeProject does not intentionally collect information from any individual under the age of 13 years

Personal Information

If you would like to create a new member account, we will collect your name and email address. In addition, at your option, if you would like to increase your profile on the Site or with CodeProject generally, or if you would like to be considered by potential employers for employment (please see Principle 5 for a discussion on this point), you may also provide whatever personal information you choose including, without limitation, a brief personal description, lists of interests and experience, where you live, the time zone in which you are in, your occupation, birthday, links to home pages, a picture of yourself and a message board signature. In some limited instances, we may require your credit card information to accommodate your requests to process transactions or access information on any financial transactions carried out with the Site.

Of course, any time you choose to post an editorial, or other message on the Site, that information is stored by CodeProject and is viewed, together with the biographical information you have provided, by all users of the Site.

Please know that only your name and email is necessary to create a new member account, the provision of all other information is optional depending on what you are looking to do on the Site and with CodeProject.


We use cookies, a piece of text stored on a user’s computer by their web browser, to store your viewing preferences on the Site and, at your choosing, to store your login information so that once you have logged in you do not need to repeat the login process. We also use a session cookie, meaning it expires soon after you leave the registration process and is not placed on your hard drive, to store your session information during your visit to the Site. Read our Cookie Policy for more information.

Anonymous Information

In addition to personal information, certain anonymous information about your visit is automatically captured when you visit the Site. This information includes the name of the Internet service provider and the Internet Protocol (IP) address through which you access the Internet; the date and time you access the Site; the pages that you access while at the Site and the Internet address of the Web site from which you linked directly to our site. None of this information is personally identifiable. This anonymous information is used to help improve the Site, analyze trends, and administer the Site.

Principle 5 - Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

We will only use or disclose your personal information in accordance with the purposes for which it was originally collected unless you have otherwise consented, or when it is required or permitted by law.

Use of your Personal Information

We use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To register you for Site membership.
  • To customize your experience on the Site.
  • To send electronic e-mail newsletters, if requested by you.
  • To fill in certain information for you such as your name and signature when posting to message boards.
  • To display your biography at the end of articles and tutorials submitted by you.

Safeguarding Personal Information

CodeProject strictly protects the security of your personal information, including any financial information, and honors your choices for its intended use. Data is stored in password-controlled servers with limited access. While no security infrastructure is foolproof, we carefully protect your data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or destruction.

Potential Employment Opportunities

CodeProject is often approached by, or engages with, corporations, business and other persons who are looking to employ persons with various technology skill sets. In some instances, CodeProject may try to accommodate such potential employers by incorporating a job site as part of the Site. In this instance, the employers would post jobs available for persons with technology skills on the Site and Site Users would contact the potential employers directly. In this instance, CodeProject will not provide potential employers with any information on the Site Users.

Alternatively, employers may choose to contact CodeProject directly and request that CodeProject provide to them information on those individuals who are interested in being considered for employment and who have given their consent to CodeProject providing their information to potential employers.

With that in mind, if you choose, you can have your information made available by CodeProject to potential employers. For those persons who choose to make their personal information available to potential employers, aside from providing additional resume type information to CodeProject, CodeProject will be storing the information (as CodeProject does with all information provided to it) for such a use and, as well, CodeProject will also sort such information in accordance with characteristics the potential employers are looking for, and format such information in a manner easily reviewable by potential employers.

While CodeProject tries to ensure the potential employers are legitimate, if you choose to have your personal information available to potential employers, CodeProject accepts no liability as a result of any action or inaction of the potential employer, whether such action is a result of the provision of the personal information to the potential employer, the use such potential employer makes of the personal information or otherwise.

When Information May be Disclosed to Outside Parties:

Except as specifically provided for in this privacy policy, we do not disclose any personal information to third parties. CodeProject may disclose personal information in the following instances:

  1. To conform to the edicts of the law or comply with legal process served to CodeProject, or the Site;
  2. protect and defend the rights or property of CodeProject and our family of Web sites, including without limitation investigating potentially fraudulent or questionable activities regarding your account(s) or the use of the Site;
  3. To act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of CodeProject, our Web sites, or the public;
  4. To offer you related products and services that might benefit you (see below);
  5. As part of a single-sign on solution from providers such as GitHub and Google;
  6. In anticipation of and in the course of an actual or potential sale, reorganization, consolidation, merger or amalgamation of our business; and
  7. Otherwise as permitted or required by law.

The type of information we are legally required to disclose may relate to criminal investigations. In some instances such as a legal proceeding or court order, we may also be required to disclose certain information to authorities. Only the information specifically requested is disclosed and we take precautions to satisfy ourselves that the authorities that are making the request have legitimate grounds to do so.

In addition, CodeProject occasionally hires other companies to provide limited services on our behalf, including packaging, mailing and delivering prizes, answering customer questions about products and services, sending postal mail, and sending information about our products, special offers, and other new services. We will only provide those companies the personal information they need to deliver the service, and they are prohibited from using that information for any other purpose.

You may be offered the option to provide your information to certain third parties as part of an advertising promotion, special section, sponsored download, or other area on the Site. You will be made aware of the use of your information before you provide it, and the use thereof will be limited to the use to which you agreed.

Finally, for your convenience, we offer single sign-on solutions for account login. These these third parties (including GitHub and Google, among others) may receive information from these services when you elect to use them.

Email Addresses

Because email is the dominant form of communication between CodeProject and you, we wanted to address certain aspects of handling email addresses separately. Email addresses collected as part of the sign-up process are not made publicly available, except in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy. Most of the time, email addresses are simply used to confirm your identity and to communicate with you via email.

Occasionally, third parties want to send emails regarding offers to our members. Unless you specifically authorize it WE DO NOT PROVIDE SUCH THIRD PARTIES WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. These third parties wishing to send offers to our members do so through us. They send us the offer and we email it to you on their behalf.

In order to comply with anti-spam legislation such as CANSPAM (in the United States) there may be cases where a third-party email data house is used to advise us as to which addresses on our list have specifically opted out of emails from a given advertiser. In order for this to occur we send our list to the data house, the advertiser sends their list to the data house, and the data house then advises us of the results. At no time do we see the third party company's list nor do they see our list. The data house operates under strict privacy guidelines and obligations of confidentiality.

Principle 6 - Accuracy

We shall make every reasonable effort to ensure your personal information is maintained in an accurate, complete and up-to-date form.

Principle 7 - Safeguarding Personal Information

CodeProject strictly protects the security of your personal information and honors your choices for its intended use. Data is stored in password-controlled servers with limited access. While no security infrastructure is foolproof, we carefully protect your data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or destruction.

Electronic customer files are kept in a highly secured environment with restricted access.

We manage our server environment appropriately and our firewall infrastructure is strictly adhered to. Our security practices are reviewed on a regular basis and we routinely employ current technologies to ensure that the confidentiality and privacy of your information is not compromised.

Our web site uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) and 256 bit encryption technologies to enhance security when you visit the secured areas of these sites. TLS is the industry standard tool for protecting and maintaining the security of message transmissions over the Internet. When you access your accounts or send information from secured sites, encryption will scramble your data into an unreadable format to inhibit unauthorized access by others.

Our Employees and your Personal Information:

In the course of daily operations, access to personal information is restricted to authorized employees who have a legitimate business purpose and reason for accessing it. For example, when you call us, our designated employees will access your information to verify who you are and to assist you in fulfilling your requests.

As a condition of their employment, all employees of CodeProject are required to abide by the privacy standards we have established. Employees are informed about the importance of privacy and they understand that they are prohibited from disclosing any customer information to unauthorized individuals or parties.

Principle 8 - Openness

If you would like a copy of our privacy policies we would be more than happy to provide one to you and if you have any questions regarding same, we are more than happy to discuss the merits with you.

Principle 9 - Accessing and Amending Your Information:

You have the right to access, verify and amend the information held in your personal files. You can review and edit your member profile information at the CodeProject site by logging on to CodeProject site with your logon email and password, and then clicking on the 'My Settings' link. You also have the option on your Settings page to delete your account entirely. This will remove all personally identifiable information.

To help us keep your personal information up-to-date, we encourage you to amend inaccuracies and make corrections as often as necessary. Despite our efforts, errors sometimes do occur. Should you identify any incorrect or out-of-date information in your file(s), we will make the proper changes.

Principle 10 - Handling Customer Complaints and Suggestions

If you have questions about our privacy statement or our use of your information, or if you need help changing or removing your personal information, please contact us by sending e-mail to or contacting us at:

20 Bay Street, 11th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J 2N8
ph. +1 (416) 849-8900


Links to Other Web sites

This Site may contain links to other Web sites. Please be aware that this Privacy Policy applies solely to the information collected on the Site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other Web sites. We encourage you to be aware when you are leaving this Site and read the privacy statements of each and every Web site that you visit before providing any personally identifiable information.

Governing Law

This agreement, your use of the Web Site, and all related matters are governed solely by the laws of the Ontario, Canada and applicable federal laws of Canada, excluding any rules of private international law or the conflict of laws which would lead to the application of any other laws.

Changes to This Privacy Statement

We may occasionally update this privacy statement. When we do, we will also revise the "last updated" date at the top of the privacy statement. For material changes to this privacy statement, we will notify you either by placing a prominent notice on the home page of our web site or by directly sending you a notification. We encourage you to periodically review this privacy statement to stay informed about how we are protecting the personal information we collect. Your continued use of the service constitutes your agreement to this privacy statement and any updates.