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Because too many quality blog entries are lost in the vastness of the web. We want to bring together the best and give them the exposure they deserve. Your blogs get included in article searches, search engine indexing, discussions, ratings, competitions and all features of regular articles.


First, make sure you are logged on (see above).

Every day we will check your RSS feed and your specially marked entries will be published as articles. Just submit your blog's RSS feed, blog as normal, and we'll take care of the rest!

Note that we require the URL to your blog's RSS feed and not the URL to your blog's home page. This feed should include the full content of your blog posts – not summaries.

Ensuring your feed gets published

  • Place the keyword CodeProject within the <category> element that is the direct child of <channel>. This marks all items within the channel as consumable.

  • Place the CodeProject keyword within the <category> element that is the direct child of an <item>. This marks just the one item as consumable.

  • Leverage the Rel-Tag Microformat. Check out the links if you've never heard of them. It's really simple. All you need to do is place an anchor tag somewhere in your blog article's content. E.g.:

    <a href="" rel="tag">CodeProject</a>

    If you don't want this link visible just use a style to hide it (e.g. style="display:none") – we'll still pick it up.

    The URL in the anchor can be any URL you like but we thought it would be useful to point to your blog articles page here on code project:<your member id>

Note that there is a minimum length of characters for blog entries (excluding HTML and whitespaces). Any entries under this length will not be consumed.

Please do not submit blogs other than your own. If you have suggestions on blogs you would like seen here please contact us. We can reach out to the author and ask for their permission.

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