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Chicken Run and Wakanda 1
"Wakanda For Chickens": Chicken Run 2 Gets Bonkers Tease From Animated Sequel's Director

Chicken Run 2 director Sam Fell provides a bonkers tease for the upcoming animated sequel, likening the chickens' new home to the MCU's Wakanda.

Saw X Ending Explained 1
Saw X Twist Ending Explained

Saw X's ending is filled with death and twists, as the full extent of John Kramer's plan and final Jigsaw game comes to light. Here's what happens.

Ellen Burstyn in The Exorcist Believer and Taylor Swift during her Eras Tour 1
"One Thing Scares Me To Death": Exorcist Believer Producer Explains Taylor Swift Release Date Change

The Exorcist: Believer's producer, Jason Blum, opens up about the horror movie's release date change and confirms Taylor Swift's impact on it.

Static Shock cartoon vs modern 1
Static's Nemesis Knows What Separates the Modern Version from His '00s Cartoon

The biggest difference between Static and his 2000s animated counterpart lies in their motivations to be heroes. Does this hurt the 2023 version?

Jean Grey #2 Simonson Variant Cover Wolverine as Phoenix 1
Wolverine's Dark Phoenix Upgrade Makes His Adamantium Claws 10 Times More Deadly

Jean Grey #2 sees Wolverine merging with the Phoenix Force instead of Jean, giving Logan a truly destructive upgrade to his already powerful claws.

Characters sitting on stairs in Heartbreak High 1
Heartbreak High
9 Australian Slang Terms Used In Netflix's Heartbreak High (& What They Mean)

While every generation has adopted slang from other cultures, the Australian Gen Z slang of Heartbreak High is some of the most interesting.

Alphie and Joshua as seen in The Creator 1
How Joshua & Alphie Are Connected In The Creator Explained

The Creator centers on the story of Alphie and Joshua amid a human-AI war, but the two are slowly revealed to be more connected than first thought.

thecreator_endingexplained 1
幸运168飞挺开奖结果的视频 Explained

The Creator ends on a hopeful note. We break down the sci-fi film's ending, what the future holds for AI in the movie, what's next for Alphie & more.

Star Wars Rebels 1
Marvel's Star Wars Rebels Covers Celebrate Animated Series' 10th Anniversary

The impactful legacy of Star Wars Rebels is being honored with a series of variant covers by Marvel Comics celebrating the show's 10th anniversary.

Snape Boggart Harry potter 1
Severus Snape Complete Life Timeline: Tragic Origin, School, Voldemort & Harry Potter

The timeline of Severus Snape's life is full of tragedy, and though he was never fully good or bad, his story provides the foundation of Harry Potter.

Asha and Valentino the goat in Disney's Wish 1
Disney's New Animated Movie Is What We’ve Waited 12 Years For

Disney’s upcoming movie Wish is reviving one of the animation studio’s earlier traditions, making it the project longtime fans have been waiting for.

Gen V Golden Boy clip 1
Gen V (2023)
Gen V Clip Reveals Golden Boy's Suit - And Huge Job Offer [EXCLUSIVE]

In an exclusive Gen V clip, Godolkin University's star student Golden Boy gets a peek at his new superhero costume - and a surprising job offer.

Damian Wayne Future Batman DC Comics 1
Robin Just Introduced the Perfect Codename for His Adult Hero Persona

Damian Wayne finally seems to be growing up in DC Comics and one of the major steps towards that is for Robin to establish his own hero name.

Tony Stark Avengers Star-Lord 1
This 10 Second Scene Is The Most Horrifying In The MCU's Entire 32 Movie History

The MCU has some heartbreaking and shocking scenes, but one, that's only 10 seconds long, is the most horrifying one in the MCU's history so far.

house-of-wax-killer-identity-motives-explained 1
Who Was The Killer In House Of Wax? Identity & Motives Explained

House of Wax follows a group of teens who wind up in the remote town of Ambrose, home to a strange and eerily lifelike museum of wax figures.

sonic-hedgehog-3-wishlist (1) 1
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Wishlist: 10 Characters, Places, & More We Want To See

Shadow is teased to appear in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, but there are still several other characters, locations, and ideas that we hope to see.

Professor Dumbledore at a trial in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 1
Michael Gambon's 10 Greatest Dumbledore Scenes In Harry Potter

Michael Gambon has died at age 82, but the Harry Potter star will be remembered for his performances as Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

Sentry and the Marvel Universe.  1
10 Most Powerful Characters Who Beat the Sentry (aka Marvel's Superman)

The Sentry has a reputation as Marvel's Superman for a reason, but despite that, he's not invincible. Here are the 10 Marvel characters who beat him.

spider-man 2099 monsters 1
Spider-Man 2099 168飞艇官网开奖历史查询/幸运飞行艇官方开奖结果网站

Famed Spider-Man 2099 writer Steve Orlando is returning to the world of Nueva York, and he's pitting the hero against some of Marvel's best monsters!

Jigsaw holding a fresh ripe tomato 1
Saw X Debuts With Highest Rotten Tomatoes Score Of All 10 Movies

Saw X debuts with the highest and the only fresh Rotten Tomatoes score in the entire horror franchise now consisting of 10 installments.

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