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CodeProject. A Guide.

What is CodeProject?

CodeProject is a community of Software Developers joined together with certain common goals: to learn, to teach and to have fun. Members from all over the world come together to share code, tutorials and knowledge for free to help their fellow Software Developers.

It is our hope that you find CodeProject to be a wealth of information and a valuable resource. All we ask is that if you find CodeProject useful, then please share what source code or knowledge you can in order to give back to the community.

Above and beyond articles and code snippets, CodeProject gives developers a voice. We have over 3.5 million people reading CodeProject each month, including those from companies such as Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, and more. CodeProject brings industry and the developer community together.

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articles CodeProject is comprised of thousands of top-quality programming articles and tutorials. The articles contain hands-on information and are created by guys and girls in the same situations as you. They tackle real-world issues to save you valuable time. Hundreds of new articles are posted each month, as more and more developers come together to share their insight.

Some quick links for articles:

Beginners' Tutorials

For those just starting out, we have a comprehensive selection of tutorials.

Discussion Boards lounge

If you're looking for answers, seeking to help fellow programmers or just want to hang out and catch up with everyone, then try the Discussion Boards.

The Lounge

Caution: Seriously addictive. This is for the exclusive use of members and gives them a chance to kick back and socialize. If you want to know what's happening at CodeProject, then this is the place to be. Please make yourself at home, and dress rules do apply.

The Newsletter

Each week, we send out our weekly newsletter, which covers the latest articles, site news and views and lists of the most popular articles from the previous week. As a member, you can customize your newsletter so that, of the hundreds of new articles posted monthly, you only need to see the ones that interest you.

Community Surveys

Ever wondered what everyone else is thinking? Our weekly polls take a quick peek into the thoughts of developers.

Industry News

Check out the news archives to keep up with the latest goings-on in the industry.

CodeProject Stuff

Looking for icons, graphics, PocketPC themes, wallpaper or even a Javascript feed? Then look no further.

When you join CodeProject, you can:

  • Get your own page to let others know what you are up to, your interests, where you live and what you look like. Readers can also get a listing of all your articles posted.
  • Post articles and vote on other authors' articles
  • Participate in The Lounge. This is an area exclusively for our members to get together and ask advice, tell bad jokes and keep up with the latest industry gossip.
  • Bookmark your favourite articles.
  • Subscribe to the free weekly newsletter to keep up with the latest articles posted on CodeProject. The newsletter is fully customisable, so you only read about the articles you are interested in.
  • Have your signature, name and contact details filled in automatically when posting to the discussion boards. It doesn't sound like much, but it saves a ton of typing!
  • Reserve your name. Once your name has been taken, no one else can pose as you on the discussion boards. Grab your name now before someone else does!

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